11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities

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Agenda Course: Strategic Planning and Metropolitan governance
Agenda City and metropolitan financing: Exchanging views between Africa & France
Agenda Spanish Urban Forum
Agenda The metropolitan governance in Africa: models of metropolitan governance
Agenda Tackling inequalities from cities in the post Covid-19 era.
Learning station Culture as a Dimension to Rethink Metropolitan Spaces
Learning station Ibero-American experiences of tactical urban planning against the COVID-19
Learning station Learning from tactical urbanism: Metropolitan perspectives for long-term solutions
Learning station Learning from cities in crises. Metropolitan perspectives on fragility and resilience
Learning station Webinar Visions and Challenges in Urban regeneration
Learning station Webinar "A multidimensional approach to urban inequalities: thoughts and aspirations"
Learning station Course: Strategic planning and metropolitan governance
News Steps to accelerate Metropolitan debate in Latin America
Learning station Sustainable Urban Regeneration
Agenda Marmara Urban Forum 2021 - Cities Developing Solutions: Re-Think, Co-Act
Agenda Masterclass: The Metropolitan Region of Ribeirão Preto and SDG 11
Agenda First International Metropolitan Fellowship (IMF) Congress 2021
Agenda Semana do Clima: Belo Horizonte Rumo à COP 26
Agenda Caring metropolises: Framing recovery for all
Agenda Webinar: Rethinking the future of public metropolitan spaces
News Launching the report: Gender impact assessment 2020
Agenda Berlin questions 2021: conference for the immediate present
News Metropolises and cities in transformation: rethinking our future together
Blog Transforming our cities is also important for children
News Cities are listening internal note 2021
News Respond, Rebuilt, Reinvent: Delving into public administrations collaborating with SSE ecosystems
News The UN High Level Political Forum highlights the role metropolises play in local transformation towards sustainable development
News Open debate on measuring the impact of local government networks
Agenda Webinar: Public Space and Mental Health and Wellbeing
News A toolkit to rethink our metropolitan spaces
Agenda Webinar on Urban Density
News Local trends: mapping a green future
News Rethinking the future of metropolitan public spaces
Pilot projects Respond, Rebuild, Reinvent
Blog Chengdu plans big for a ‘city within a park’
News Webinar "Barrios, mir@das desiguales y jóvenes"
Agenda Call for Peer Learning Partnerships on SSE Ecosystems
News A holistic approach to resilience, data and governance
Resource Policy and planning tools for urban green justice
News Public space for all: transforming society from the ground up
News Metropolis leaders call for more equal, sustainable and healthy metropolitan spaces
Resource COVID-19 Monitors of Relevance to Urban and Regional Governance
News The 1st Digital Citymakers Summit sheds light on the principles of justice as a condition for sustainable urban development
News Urban Forests: a valuable tool for building metropolitan green areas
Agenda World Forum on Cities and Territories of Peace
News 12th Metropolis Observatory Issue Paper is released
Resource Bringing nature back to the metropolis for all · Issue Paper #12 · Metropolis Observatory
News Metropolitan dialogue on green infrastructure: launching a new pilot project!
Agenda Webinar Visions and Challenges in Urban regeneration
Agenda Metropolises facing the pandemic
News City Managers Community 2020: Final Report
Agenda Conference: Cities and diversity
Agenda Live Learning Experience: Seventh Thematic session - Local Finance
Agenda Live Learning Experience: Sixth Thematic session - Culture
Agenda Live Learning Experience: Fifth Thematic session - Migration
Agenda Live Learning Experience: First Thematic session - Housing
Agenda Live Learning Experience: Second Thematic session - Mobility
Learning station Intersectional responses for the LGBTI+ community facing COVID-19
Learning station Commuting across metropolises
Learning station Gender indicators for a better metropolitan governance
News How the pandemic has further highlighted the need for local governments to take international action
News Bringing a metropolitan governance perspective to the UCLG Retreat & Campus debates
Learning station Mapping a Green Future: Urban Planning under the Park City Initiative
Learning station Rethinking metropolitan governance
News Governance in EU metropolitan areas: the role of Cohesion Policy
Agenda Right to the city and Peace
Agenda Heading to the Cities and Territories of Peace Forum
Agenda City Managers Days 2020 - Green Infrastructures
Agenda Metropolis webinar: Commuting across metropolises
Agenda Participative democracy in the framework of the new governance for human, sustainable and inclusive development
Agenda Capacity Development for Metropolitan Management
Agenda Metropolitan governance and pandemic: challenges and opportunities?
Resource Optimising the development and benefits of green infrastructure
Agenda Local and Regional Governments' COVID-19 Response and Recovery for Migrant and Displaced Children and Youth
Blog Empowering human capital at a subnational level for sustainable and resilient development in Africa
Agenda World Metropolitan Day 2021
Resource Urban inclusiveness, safety nets and social compacts in the time of a pandemic
Resource Securing Affordable Housing Delivery in Cities
Resource Inclusive Creative Economy and The Future of Work
News Mainstreaming Urban Innovation: the 5th edition of the Guangzhou Award unveils shortlisted and deserving projects by Metropolis members
News MetroTalks: Open dialogues on the post-Covid urban future at an opportune moment
News ‘The Atlas of the Human Planet 2020’ launches in the midst of the data collection revolution
News Tactical urbanism is also a matter of values, not just asphalt and paint
News Governance structures must be upgraded to properly respond to complex emergencies
Blog For Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau, the Crisis Year of 2020 reaffirmed that the future is metropolitan
Agenda Cities on the Frontline: Metropolitan Resilience
Learning station Sustainable urban mobility
Resource Metropolitan development practices and policies: a critical look
Resource Right to metropolitan city in the framework of the NUA and the 2030 Agenda
Resource Models of metropolitan governance
Agenda Atlas of the Human Planet 2020 - Virtual Launch Event
Blog Adaptive leadership in a time of constant change
Resource Governance Assessment Framework for Metropolitan Territorial and Regional Management
Agenda Ibero-American experiences of tactical urban planning against the COVID-19
Blog With Energy Transitions, Metropolitan Areas in Barcelona, Lyon, and Montevideo Find Common Cause
Agenda The metropolitan scale of green infrastructure
Blog Why World Metropolitan Day is a time to rethink the future of the city
News World Metropolitan Day celebrations culminated in a global debate on inequality and citizen participation through the lens of a new form of metropolitan governance
Resource Violence in the metropolis: responses to a global issue · Issue Paper #11 · Metropolis Observatory
Agenda From the Barcelona of the 15' to the Catalonia of the 45': rethinking the metropolis
Agenda Metropolitan Round 9: Towards a new metropolitan planning
Agenda Metropolitan regions in the framework of recovery
Agenda Cities as drivers of transformation into more sustainable, resilient and just societies
Agenda Where is the urban development of Soledad de Graciano Sánchez heading?
Agenda The Metropolitan Region of Bogotá-Cundimarca: Perspectives of a Regional Future
Agenda Metropolitan Governance and Health: The Experience of Covid-19
Agenda International Cooperation in Latin American Metropolises
Agenda Connecting metropolitan areas
Blog Madrid's Metropolitan Forest: a forest belt to reconnect the city’s population with nature
Learning station Fighting urban inequalities
Blog City regions facing finance economy
Resource Global State of Metropolis 2020 - Population Data Booklet
Agenda Malaysia Urban Forum 2020
Agenda Smart cities vs. human cities
Resource The COVID-19 response: Governance challenges and innovations by cities and regions
Resource Emergency Governance for Cities and Regions : Policy Brief #01
News International action as a public policy: key to metropolises’ leadership
Blog Slums and peri-urban areas: the key to rethinking post-COVID-19 metropolises
News “Metropolis in 2023” : A Policy Debate in an extraordinary time
Agenda Metropolis webinar: Intersectional responses for the LGBTI+ community facing COVID-19
Agenda U20 Second Sherpa Meeting
News Together to rethink our metropolitan spaces
Agenda Metropolis pilot projects: 3rd call for proposals (2021-2023)
Resource Intersecciones. Diversidad sexual y de género e interseccionalidad
News Addressing the complexity of mobility for all at the metropolitan scale
News Launch of the “Emergency Governance Initiative for Cities and Regions” – Monitoring the impact of COVID 19 and its aftermath
Resource Rights and claims for metropolitan mobility · Issue Paper #10 · Metropolis Observatory
Resource Gender Keys 4: Mobility and gender
News The time to rethink the metropolis is now
Agenda Metropolis debate: The place of Metropolitan Spaces within the Future of Multilateralism
Agenda City Managers Community 2020: green infrastructures webinar
Agenda Urban-rural linkages in the time of Covid-19: Metropolitan Perspectives
News The one-stop-shop to fight the COVID-19
News Managing the crisis on a urban scale: the Live Learning Experience
News Cities for Global Health: Helping urban spaces to navigate the crisis and beyond
News Metropolitan talks in pandemic times
Agenda Metropolitan Talks: metropolitan governance responses and challenges towards the COVID19
Resource City Managers Days 2019 - The digitalization process of metropolitan spaces
Agenda Guangzhou Award - Final Submission Deadline
Agenda Guangzhou Award - Early Bird Submission Deadline
News Planting trees to improve metropolitan sustainability: updates on CLEARING HOUSE
Resource Metropolis in Motion. Towards a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan
Agenda Daring Cities 2020
News The metropolitan faces of WUF10
News Metropolitan voices are heard at the World Assembly of Local and Regional Governments
News Metropolitan governance: a gender mainstreaming perspective
Agenda Urban 20 (U20) Mayors Summit 2020
News Countdown started for the launch of MGET
News Guangzhou Workshop for Thought Leaders: Pioneering the Way towards a Vibrant City
News Metropolises facing globalisation: metropolitan strategies towards internationalisation
Event Strengthening metropolitan governance: strategies and tools to build a more equitable public space
Resource The internationalisation of metropolitan spaces · Issue Paper #09 · Metropolis Observatory
News Metropolitan Governments promote public policies for Women's rights
News Inequalities must be tackled at local level
News Shedding light on African metropolisation
Agenda Webinar "Why does inequality matter?"
Agenda Innovation Forum for Mayors of International Sister Cities of Chengdu
News Metropolization at the core of the future of smart cities
News City Managers discuss the digitalization process of metropolitan spaces
Resource The Urban Political Declaration
Resource The digital transformation of metropolises · Issue Paper #08 · Metropolis Observatory
Resource African Metropolitan Report
Agenda XXIV Cumbre de Mercociudades
News A new step to understand our metropolitan world
News Three Asian-Pacific cases of urban innovation applied at the local level
News New cooperation projects for Metropolis
Resource Declaration of metropolitan areas. Global State of metropolis
News World Metropolitan Day grows in scope and supporting institutions
Pilot projects Participatory Democracy
News Cities and Metropolitan Airport Areas: Looking for New Approaches
Pilot projects The Milan Food Policy
Agenda World Metropolitan Day in Godoy Cruz
Agenda World Metropolitan Day in Grand Paris
News Reviewing the implementation of the SDGs at the local level
News Tactical urbanism or how to humanize our metropolises
Pilot projects Clearing House
News Consolidating ties with United Nations
Agenda World Metropolitan Day in Barcelona
Pilot projects Tactical Urbanism
Agenda Cities and Metropolitan Airport Areas: Looking for New Approaches
Agenda World Metropolitan Day in Ribeirão Preto
Agenda World Metropolitan Day in Bucaramanga
News Collaborative Learning to develop sustainable urban forests
Agenda World Metropolitan Day in San Salvador
Agenda World Metropolitan Day in Gaziantep
News Gender Keys: opening the doors of gender mainstreaming at the metropolitan scale
Agenda Resilient cities: proactive resilience for Arab and African cities
Resource Gender Keys 1: Do metropolises have a gender?
News Final stretch of Metropolis training programs in 2019
Resource Public Tender - Safety and public space: Mapping metropolitan gender policies - Phase II
Agenda SCEWC19: sustainable city making
News Innovation for an Engaged Metropolitan Governance
Agenda Beyond the Metropolis - 55th ISOCARP World Planning Congress
Resource MEGA-Metropolis-Energy-Governance
Agenda Surplus Food Network - Pilot Project Final Workshop
News Five strategies to improve housing affordability
Pilot projects Public Innovation Labs
News The challenges and opportunities of big and open data for local governments
Agenda World Cities Summit Mayors Forum
Resource Affordable Housing: Profiles of Five Metropolitan Cities
News Sustainable water management: key for citizen’s wellbeing
News The importance of metropolitan cooperation on international relations
Agenda International Strategies in Metropolitan Areas
News Filling the gap of international databases on metropolitan areas
News Global Solutions to Local Inequalities
News Increase in metropolitan governments is not accompanied by fiscal autonomy
News Seoul offers tailor-made Smart City training for Mashhad officials
Resource World Observatory on Local Government Finance and Investment (WOFI) - 2019 Report
News European metropolitan areas get together for social cohesion
Resource EMA 2019 - 5th European Metropolitan Authorities Political Declaration
Resource European Pillar of Social Rights - The role of metropolitan areas in social issues
News From the urban grounds to the top world leaders
News New Metropolis Urban Innovation publication accelerates learning processes between local and regional governments
Resource Gender Impact Assessment 2018
News Spotlight on urban Iran: trends from Mashhad, Shiraz and Tehran
News Multiculturalism, Sports and Investment in Kazan
News Cultural heritage igniting urban regeneration
News Co-creating urban spaces with all citizens, the key to sound metropolitan governance
News Urban ecology, a motor to revitalize an old industrial neighbourhood
News Beyond aviation: planning and governance approaches for the development of areas surrounding airports
News How can major cities strengthen their role as global players without marginalising their citizens?
Resource Gentrification and impoverishment in the metropolis · Issue Paper #07 · Metropolis Observatory
News The consequences of inequalities
News The Policy Transfer Platform becomes USE
News A pioneering public source of solar energy for the metropolis of Barcelona
Resource Seville Commitment
News Safer metropolises for women and girls
News Building great places to grow older and thrive
News Advancing metropolitan public transportation
Resource Safety and public space: Mapping metropolitan gender policies
News Where urban innovation and heritage get together for quality of life
News Exploring paths of collaboration to protect the rights of youth and children
News Informal Settlement Upgrading in Durban
News Public Participation in 3R Waste Management for Better Surabaya
News The Rebirth of Wuhan's Urban Waste Dump - Ecological Treatment and Return of Plurality
News Citizen Led Metropolitan Coordination of Guadalajara
News 15 faces of urban innovation
Resource Summaries of 45 City Initiatives from the 2018 Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation
News Metropolis at the 5th Mayoral Forum on Human Mobility, Migration and Development
News What Did Urban Innovation Look Like in 2018?
News African metropolitan cities and regions get together to face challenges of rampant urbanization
News City managers commend greater financial autonomy for metropolitan areas
News Metropolises take center stage at the Smart City Expo
News Sustainable development and peace at the heart of UCLG Executive Bureau & World Council
Resource Financing metropolitan public policies and services · Issue paper #6 · Metropolis Observatory
News “Europe of the Metropolises”: the 4th European Metropolitan Authorities forum in Rome
Pilot projects Guangzhou Award: The Award for Cities!
News Casa Diversa at Comuna 8, Medellín
News Together for the right to housing
News Metropolitan Day 2018 Celebrations
News Metropolises in motion
News From the trash to the table: bolstering citizens’ participation to fight food waste
Pilot projects Metropolis in Motion
Pilot projects MetroAirports
Pilot projects Revitalization strategies through urban projects
Pilot projects Mapping Metropolitan Gender Policies
News Metropolitan spaces committed to managing solid waste
News Addressing metropolitan challenges through multi-sectoral partnerships
News Citizen engagement for urban innovation
News The Gauteng Declaration
News Summary of the sessions at #GautengMAM2018
News Metropolis Board of Directors approves five new pilot projects
Resource Blockchain, A tool for metropolitan governance? Issue paper #5 - Metropolis Observatory
Agenda Webinar Bogotá + Montevideo: movilidad sostenible
Basic page Respond, Rebuild, Reinvent
News Groundbreaking participation of Metropolis members at the United Nations
News Building bridges of sustainability between Asian and Iberian metropolises
News Creating egalitarian metropolitan spaces
Resource Egalitarian metropolitan spaces · Issue paper #4 · Metropolis Observatory
News Metropolises standing #WithRefugees
News Spotlight on the governance of Brussels’ and Lyon’s major urban projects
News Metropolitan strategies to achieve safe cities for women and girls are debated in India
News Metropolis reinforces collaboration with Smart Cities India Expo
News Bogota and Mexico City exchange strategies to promote citizen´s safety
News Metropolitan policies for public spaces are presented at gender equality webinar
Agenda Estrategias de seguridad en las metrópolis
Resource Sustainable Airport Areas
Resource The Metropolitan scale of resilience · Issue paper #3
Resource Metropolises addressing the global agendas · Issue Paper #2 · Metropolis Observatory
Resource Metropolitan trends in the world · Issue Paper #1 · Metropolis Observatory
Resource Montréal Declaration on Metropolitan Areas (2015)