Based on their common aspiration to be sustainable and innovative cities, Mexico City, Medellín, Barcelona and Paris strengthen their technical cooperation with the aim of sharing their experience and knowledge in urban matters, specifically public space, tactical urbanism and citizen participation. In this pilot project, workshops, seminars, and interventions to recover public spaces and promote the participation of citizens will be the starting point to materialise these exchanges of knowledge and good practice practices.


  • To generate local capacities in the design of strategies in tactical urbanism and citizen participation in metropolises.
  • Identify the key elements of a metropolitan strategy of tactical urbanism
  • Generate and transfer practical knowledge to public officials and other relevant actors of the territory on how to construct Inclusive, sustainable mobility policies with a metropolitan perspective.



  • Workshop and technical visit in Barcelona and Paris (Sep. 19-24, 2019).
  • Workshop and technical visit in Medellín (TBC)
  • Workshop and technical visit in Mexico City (TBC)