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For more than 30 years, Metropolis has had the mission of accompanying cities in mutual learning, innovation, governance, technical and financial assistance, international presence and debate.


Metropolis, World Association of the Major Metropolises, is the largest association gathering the governments of major cities all over the world. As part of the global movement that advocates for democratic local self-government, Metropolis recognizes that local governments are the key actors to respond to the urban challenges of our century.

Created in 1985, Metropolis currently represents the authorities of 137 great cities and metropolitan areas in Africa, the Americas & the Caribbean, Asia & the Pacific, and Europe. Metropolis also manages the metropolitan section of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG).

In metropolitan governance, understood as the collaboration between metropolitan governments and other levels of local, regional and state governments; as well as the cooperation with other public institutions and private organizations.

In technical/financial assistance, to mobilize new financial resources for investments marked at sustainable and efficient development.

In mutual learning, as a result of the transfer of knowledge, practices and experiences between metropolitan governments and their associates

In innovation, understood as a result of collaboration between city governments and groundbreaking businesses and entities in the management of urban issues.

In presence in international forums and the defense of city interests and concerns.

In the debate about ideas on city trends and evolution.


Metropolis wishes to build a network of Initiatives among metropolitan governments and their collaborating partners to promote projects in partnership for urban sustainability, understood simultaneously in its environmental, economic, social, and cultural aspects.

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Action Plan

Action Plan 2015-2017


Metropolis will consider the following over the current period:

  • Represent and give international political visibility to metropolitan interests
  • Promote reflection on trends in the evolution of cities
  • Find innovative solutions to metropolitan problems
  • Contribute to metropolitan governance to reduce metropolitan imbalances
  • Promote financial and technical assistance to metropolitan areas in developing countries
  • Promote mutual learning, capacity building and training