U20 Second Sherpa Meeting

Cities globally have faced unprecedented crisis in the past months. The U20 is bringing together the leaders and the people of these cities in dialogues, to set our course for the future. 
Considering hub cities at the forefront of recovery, driving new economic opportunities balanced with public health, at this meeting will be taken a deep-dive look at the work of the taskforces. These have combined the expertise from twenty-three cities and over thirty knowledge partners, and have created a credible, evidence-based body of policy recommendations. 

The U20 Second Sherpa meeting will take place online on the 6th and 7th of July. Bringing together the Sherpas for the second time, the meeting will deliberate the outcomes of U20 Taskforces, the Special Working Group on COVID-19 and suggestions on the agenda for Mayors’ Summit.



On Day 1 of the second Sherpa meeting (July 6th ,2020), from 16:00 Riyadh Time  (08:00 Houston time) to 19:30 Riyadh time (11:30 Houston Time), the taskforces will share the outcomes from the extensive work carried out in the past four months.

On Day 2 of the second Sherpa meeting (July 7th ,2020), from 18:10 Riyadh Time (08:10 Houston time) to 19:30 Riyadh time (11:30 Houston Time), discussions on G20 Updates, U20 Summit & the Special Working Group on COVID-19 will follow.