Participatory Democracy

Participatory democracy is a collective decision-making process that combines elements of direct and representative democracy: citizens have the power to decide on policy proposals and politicians assume the role of policy implementation.

The partner cities of this project have interesting citizen participation policies aimed at generating spaces for participatory democracy.

This project will contribute to the promotion of participatory democracy and metropolitan governance, and allows for the generation of knowledge that enables its strengthening in the metropolises.

A systematization of the cases carried out in the different municipalities of the project will be carried out, identifying lessons learned and areas for improvement in their implementation.



  1. Exchange and systematize experiences of participatory democracy generating knowledge that allows its strengthening in the metropolises.
  2. To disseminate the lessons learned from the experiences and tools analyzed to promote the active participation of citizens



  • Launch of the project during the World Metropolitan Day (virtual) - October 2020.
  • Córdoba Participatory Budget Workshop - October 2021.
  • Dissemination of emerging project documents (virtual) - February 2022.