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Sustainable Urban Regeneration


Shiraz Municipality jointly with Mashhad regional learning center and Metropolis Secretariat General organised this webinar to identify issues related to different approaches to sustainable urban regeneration with a special focus on culture-led regeneration.   


It has been for decades that cities have been formulating 'urban regeneration' policies trying to improve the physical, economic and environmental state of the cities and making them more livable.

During this webinar representatives from Dakar, Dresden, Nanjing, Shiraz, Delhi and Cairo exposed different urban regeneration projects in order to promote inclusion and resource efficiency, provide safe and affordable housing, alleviate environmental problems, help make human settlements safer and contribute to other targets enumerated under the sustainable development goal 11. 



Video of the session


  • Mr. Javad Bahadori, Deputy Mayor for Urban Planning and Architecture, Shiraz
  • Nastaran Najdaghi, Head of Urban Regeneration Bureau, Shiraz
  • Wolfgang Socher, Head of Environmental Office, Dresden
  • Ling Zhang, deputy director of the devpt & Reform Commission of Qinhuai District, Nanjing
  • Octavi de la Varga, Secretary General, Metropolis


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  • ​​​​​​“Stakeholders, urban planners, academics and think tanks need to work together to rethink cities in order to guarantee residents’ quality of life, and make sure no one is left behind in urban development.”
    Octavi de la Varga, Metropolis Secretary general