Rethinking public space for a sustainable metropolitan future

Date of publication
Laura Valdés Cano
Type of resources
Comparative study
Public spaces have become a priority for citizens living in metropolises around the world. The pandemic highlighted the importance of the places that invite people to meet and interact with each other, this is the reason why there has been a significant increase of initiatives to create and improve them.

In the past years, governments of urban regions are redesigning their cities by increasing public spaces like parks and gardens, but specially by taking away the space intended for cars and returning it to pedestrians and cyclists. This change is an improvement in the health and the quality of life of citizens and metropolises alike.

‘Rethinking public space for a sustainable metropolitan future’ is a set of ten projects developed by the Brussels-Capital Region, the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, and the cities of Medellin, and Seoul. The examples presented aim to provide better public spaces for everyone and to recognise the importance of fostering people’s connection to build social resilience.
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