The internationalisation of metropolitan spaces · Issue Paper #09 · Metropolis Observatory

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Large metropolises are surpassing regional administrations to amplify their international relations and make accords with stakeholders, becoming de facto state-like actors at some levels of management, depending on the city and the country.

The different levels and interests of administrations in a metropolitan area have to be coordinated to develop well implemented relations with other international entities. Such relations could be made through cooperation between metropolises and other actors, agreements to become twin towns and develop further than just symbolic exchanges, and the integration of the cities in multilateral conversations.

The internationalisation strategy needs to be well measured and evaluated, so it brings tangible benefits with the implementation of evaluation plans from the beginning. Communication is another important key to work for to encourage the democratisation of public policy design and management.

Metropolises, regional and national governments have to coordinate and be on the same page so the international projection of big cities doesn’t become blurred. The impact of this communication is important to achieve significance on the global sphere, and the AL-LAs Alliance give some answers to achieve this in the number 9 of the Issue Papers from Metropolis.
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