Analytics Note #01 - COVID-19 monitors of relevance to urban and regional governance

Date of publication
Metropolis, UCLG and LSE
Resilience & risk-management
Metropolitan Governance
Type of resources
Data Insights
The Analytics Note #01 gives insights on the evolution of urban and regional governance in relation to the pandemic. It is focused on how different levels of government types are leading the transition into and out of emergency modes and whether they are running into tension with other tiers of governance in doing so.

This Analytics Note is the first in a series of regular publications that collate the most significant local and regional governance developments in the global response to the ongoing crisis, drawing attention to areas of lasting interest for leaders and policy makers managing not only this pandemic, but also diverse future emergencies.

These data-driven notes will be complemented by periodic Policy Briefs. These, in turn, will highlight the most important general developments in greater detail while also expanding the analysis beyond the COVID-19 outbreak. Policy Briefs will also feature urban and regional governance innovations and concrete interventions that may become instrumental to respond to other grand challenges and emergencies.
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