Webinar: Rethinking the future of public metropolitan spaces


Focusing on the future of public space can help build more resilient, quality and inclusive metropolitan spaces.

Based on the project ‘rethinking public space for a sustainable metropolitan future’ in partnership with Brussels-Capital Region, this webinar focuses on reimagining the future of public spaces.

Public spaces are the setting where people live, work, play and care for each other. The activities that take place in metropolitan spaces vary greatly from one person to another and change throughout the day. Ensuring access to adequate public and green spaces, services and infrastructure for all is key to creating thriving communities.

How can public spaces be inclusive?

Public spaces can reflect and support the diversity of needs of their residents. Streets, parks and plazas can be symbols of collective well-being, but can also be spaces of struggle and discontent. When public spaces are successful they nurture the idea of community and support physical and mental health by creating a network of safe and well-connected spaces.

How can cities develop quality public spaces that discourage gentrification?

Large-scale, high profile public spaces have been associated with socially homogeneous neighbourhoods that create displacement. To strive towards just sustainable spaces local and metropolitan governments need to place people at the heart of decision-making and co-creation.

Join Metropolis and local representatives in a conversation about:

  • What does the future of public metropolitan spaces look like? How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed this vision?
  • What needs to change to strive towards more inclusive, caring and resilient public metropolitan spaces? How can public space be used as a tool to empower communities and promote appropriation?
  • How can we connect the dots between global urban agendas and the realities on the ground?


  • Pascal Smet, Secretary of State of the Brussels-Capital Region
  • Lucie Careau, Director of the Urban Planning Department
  • Albert Gassull, Director of Public Space Services of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona

For further information, please email Laura Valdés Cano, Metropolis Policy & Research Officer, at