Mapping Metropolitan Gender Policies

At Metropolis, we are committed to putting the rights established in the SDG 11 (Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable) from the 2030 Agenda, on our members' political agenda.

Thus, it is essential for safety policies in our metropolises to incorporate elements that promote equal use and appropriation of public space by women and girls, allowing them to enjoy their right to full citizenship.

Sexual harassment and other forms of sexual violence in the public space suffered by women, limit their freedom of movement and access to political, economic, social, cultural and educational rights.

Therefore, we have considered it necessary to analyse, following a group of indicators, the gender-sensitive safety policies of our members

The project consists in drawing a metropolitan map with the aim of raising awareness of our members' policies to fight sexual violence against women and girls in public space.


  1. Positioned a gender-sensitive vision on the political agenda of our members to work for an inclusive safety policies.
  2. Created a knowledge bank on gender-sensitive metropolitan safety policies.
  3. Increased awareness of Metropolis’s members and stakeholders to end sexual violence against women and girls in urban public spaces.
  4. Forging and increased partnership among our members and institutional and social partners, to build safe, inclusive and resilient cities for all.
  5. Disseminated data and case studies detected among the membership, through Metropolis Observatory’s website.