Right to the city and Peace

In the framework of the "Cities and Territories of Peace" Forum, on October 5th will take place the session "Right to the City and Peace".

The Forum is not conceived as an “event”, but rather a process of reflection and global, collective and horizontal advocacy, with the aim of offering solutions at the political level and in the implementation of policies for the construction of coexistence and peace in the territories. The call for a global event is an important moment of joining forces, that allows for exchange and deliberation. A space that helps to promote the values of peacebuilding and coexistence in a more effective and efficient way.

The plenary session aims to address the positive work being done from cities and territories for the construction of peace, in particular to achieve the realization of the right to the city and peace.
This space seeks to contribute reflections and share experiences and actions that, from a participatory proposal with citizens, contribute to reducing the inequalities that we find in cities and territories, such as gaps in access to public health, education or cultural services, as well as access to and uses of public space, or technology. As well as actions aimed at improving coexistence in the neighbourhood and at preventing or confronting situations of interpersonal violence which are essential to make effective the right to live in peace and develop a full life in cities and territories.

Among other speakers, the "Right to the City and Peace" session will count with the participation of Mr. Octavi de la Varga, Metropolis Secretary General.


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