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Mapping a Green Future: Urban Planning under the Park City Initiative


The first edition of the webinar "Mapping a Green Future: Urban Planning under the Park City Initiative" was organised by Metropolis Learning Hub with the support of Chengdu Institute of Planning and Design, and was held on may 20th and 21st. It consisted in a two-session webinar, where participants were able to learn from experiences from Glasgow, Chengdu, Seoul, Johannesburg and Dujiangyan



The first session ot the learning hub "Mapping a green future: urban planning under the park city initiative" explored the idea of the park initiative as a way of urban planning that contributes to a future version of cities which highlight a people-centered green development path.

It also answered the questions of how can planning shape green development and improve the quality of living and how is a Park City creating green jobs and directing citizens to an eco-friendly lifestyle. 

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Session 1: Daring Solutions to Secure Green Urban Future


This session revolved around two topics: thinking and designing sustainable urban development in a holistic and integrated way; and ambitious projects to drive green economy and advocate green life. 

With regard to the first topic we had presentations from Glasgow and Chengdu, while the second topic was starred by the Tianfu Greenway Project. 

Session 2: Daring solutions to secure green urban future


This webinar was divided in two parts. The first part was about integrated approaches to tackle urban decay and nature-based mirco renewal, and included expositions from Chengdu, Seoul and Dujiangyan.

In the second part it was dealt the idea of making of future green communities, with the presentations of Chengdu and Johannesburg. 

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TOPIC 2: ambitious projects to drive green economy and advocate green life

If you want to know more about this learning hub,  you can read the news.

  • Agnès Bickart, Senior Manager for Institutional Relations & Asia Portfolio (Metropolis)
  • Jiang Bin, Director General of Foreign Affairs Office of Chengdu
  • Gillian Dick, Spatial Planning Manager - Research & Development Plan Group Neighborgoods, Regeneration & Sustainability (Glasgow City Council)
  • Ding Rui, Deputy Director, Office of Technical Guidance and Quality Assessment, Chengdu Institute of Planning and Design
  • Shu Zhu, Regional Director & China Representative, ICLEI East Asia
  • Ran Yang, Director of Greenway Project Promotion and Investment, Chengdu Tianfu Greenway Culture and Tourism Development Group
  • Lia Brum, Research and Policy officer (Metropolis)
  • Zheng Yuliang, Senior Planning Officer, Chengdu Institute of Planning and Design
  • Youming Kim, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture at University of Seoul (Seoul Metropolitan Government)
  • Zhang Li, Project Manager of Piying Community Renewal Project (Dujiangyan)
  • Qin Nan, Community Worker at LuxLake Park Community (Chengdu)
  • Wang Lai, Resident and Volunteer at LuxeLake Park Community (Chengdu)
  • Adelaide Chokoe, Arboriculturist under Urban Forestry and Nurseries Unit in Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo 
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