Metropolis in Motion

From late 2018 to mid-2019, Metropolis in Motion curated a series of exchanges and technical visits which addressed the underlying mobility problems of Tijuana, Medellín, Quito & Rosario. These included their processes of planning and implementation of strategic actions aimed at transforming the mobility of cities towards an environment of sustainability, security, and equity.

These exchanges translate into two major products, a conceptualization of the Integrated Plans for Sustainable Urban Mobility (PIMUS) addressing basic concepts about its usefulness, benefits, and process of development.

Secondly, a brief narrative on the experience that had the participating cities to discuss their respective PIMUS.

Subsequently, a metropolitan comparison is presented, where the cities develop a series of case studies relating to walk-ability and technological innovation in the area of sustainable urban mobility. In this case, studies include aspects of legislation, multisectoral coordination, financing, the implementation process, and the social legitimization involved in each of these actions.



  • Identify the key elements of a metropolitan mobility strategy that integrates the components of inclusion, accessibility, and sustainability
  • Generate and transfer practical knowledge to civil servants and other relevant actors in the territory on how to build inclusive, sustainable mobility policies with a metropolitan perspective



  • Workshop and technical visit in Tijuana (October 3-5 2018)
  • Final Workshop and technical visit in Medellín (August 26-28 2019)