Press Release: Bogota to host World Metropolitan Day 2022

Colombia’s capital city selected to host 2022 gathering of mayors and metropolitan leaders committed to redrawing borders with empathy


Every 7 October, World Metropolitan Day brings together mayors, metropolitan leaders and communities all over the globe to share bold ideas, showcase groundbreaking solutions and stand together to create an equitable, sustainable and prosperous future.

Since 2018, this global campaign led by Metropolis and UN-Habitat celebrates the adoption of the Montreal Declaration on Metropolitan Areas and engages the international community in the New Urban Agenda and SDGs. Under the overarching theme of Crossing Boundaries, this year’s World Metropolitan Day will focus on promoting the essence of metropolitan governance: collaborating across boundaries to serve people best.

2022 marks a turning point in the history of the World Metropolitan Day campaign. For the first time, a city will host World Metropolitan Day in partnership with Metropolis and UN-Habitat. Representatives of both organisations selected Bogota as the host city for this landmark campaign for their leadership in advancing toward a more caring metropolitan governance.

Colombia’s capital will lead a global conversation around the role of care in strengthening metropolitan governance, collaboration and empathy. The event in Bogota around Metropolis of Care: Redrawing Borders with Empathy will invite local and international leaders to discuss experiences on how to use care as a guiding principle to develop urban policies that leave no one behind.

Moreover, the event will be an opportunity to continue enacting the principles of Bogota’s Call to Action. This means focusing on the well-being of the millions of people living in metropolitan spaces, governing with empathy to solve local challenges and caring for people and the planet to face the complexities of our world.


Mark your calendars and join us on 7 October in Bogota and online to move towards more integrated metropolitan areas that are home to thriving communities and provide solutions to the challenges of communities and the planet.

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