Guangzhou Award: The Award for Cities!

Why Guangzhou?

GuangzhouOur member for more than 25 years, in 2012 Guangzhou took a great step to boost its leadership on urban innovation: the launch of the Guangzhou International Award on Urban Innovation. This was a cornerstone for local governments to be accredited as the main actors towards more innovative cities worldwide, which mean more sustainable, egalitarian and open urban spaces to all. Since then until the present time, the award has consolidated itself as the main reference on urban innovation for Metropolis and United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG).


About the Award

An ambitious programme:  the Guangzhou Award encourages global cities to participate and engage in the most effective ways to address the rapid challenges of cities and to provide institutional assistance for global learning platforms of urban innovation and communities. It also serves as a basis for analyzing what and how local authorities are implementing the Global Goals of New Urban Agenda (NUA) and multilateral goals of 2030 Sustainable Development (2030 SDGs).



  1. Let cities learn from each other and save some important resources of time, money and complexities of (multilayered) bureaucracies. 
  2. Let the cities collaborate and cooperate with each other directly to solve the problems of their cities with local resources and applied global knowledge


Be part of metropolis urban innovation

Participating and enriching our Metropolis Urban Innovation program, can mean a lot to your city and to the Metropolis community of cities.

By doing so you will:

  • Gain first-hand knowledge on the best practices selected by the Guangzhou Award
  • Connect with community members and expand your learning and knowledge sharing networks
  • Benefit from expert advice on urban management and on metropolitan governance for your city or organization
  • Better understand and apply urban innovation to problem solving
  • Interact with and enjoy new experiences with experts and peers from different cultures!


More detailed information about the Guangzhou Award is available in this brochure

Brochure Guangzhou Award


Contact us

For any inquiry, please contact the Guangzhou Award Secretariat:
Tel: +86-20-8735-0999 Fax: +86-20-8735-3488

METROPOLIS - Secretariat General
To find out the best way for your city to participate in this program kindly contact Agnès Charlotte Bickart:


Guangzhou Institue for Urban Innovation

The Guangzhou Institute for Urban Innovation was established in 2012 under the framework of the Guangzhou Award.

The Institute’s mission is to forge a first class international think tank on urban innovation. The Institute is a network of experts and organisations dedicated to furthering innovation concepts, tools and methodologies offering intellectual support for global urban innovation.

The think tank benefits from the invaluable input of research and academic institutions, professional associations, community-based organisations, industry leaders and individual experts.

The Guangzhou Institute also operates the International Urban Innovation Database which serves as a knowledge bank of peer reviewed initiatives in urban innovation and analytical case studies and reports. This database provides material, references and evidence whereby inspiration can be gained in urban innovation.

The Institute also acts as a capacity building and dialogue platform for opening up a “green channel” of international exchanges.

For more information regarding the work of the Guangzhou Institute for Urban Innovation and the Urban Innovation Database please visit: