1st Metropolitan Workshop: Urban ideas towards a sustainable and inclusive metropolis

We invite you to an on-line virtual meeting next Thursday 7 October at 17:00 (Argentina time), with the double objective:

  • Celebrating the World Metropolitan Day, in the framework of Urban October 2021 promoted by UN-Habitat and Metropolis
  • Presenting the 1st Metropolitan Workshop: Urban ideas towards a sustainable and inclusive metropolis organised by the Central Society of Architects, UN-HABITAT, the City of Buenos Aires and the Deliberative Councils of the Region.

Together with national and international experts and representatives of several municipalities of the Metropolitan Region of Buenos Aires, the workshop will spark a conversation around the importance of metropolitan spaces and the need for a comprehensive approach of this scale to solve the main challenges we face in the 21st century. This workshop will encourage collective critical reflection on the way we live and to test new strategies of urban intervention that put people at the centre and promote quality of life by ensuring the right to the city.


  • Diego Rusticucci, President of the Planning Commission, Central Society of Architects
  • Claudio Augugliaro, Director of the Directorate of Metropolitan Affairs, Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires
  • Darío Gabriel López, President of the Central Society of Architects
  • Agustín Forchieri, First Vice-president, Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires
  • Rafael Forero, UN-HABITAT
  • Cynthia Goytia, Director, Master's Degree in Urban Economics. Torquato Di Tella University
  • Fabio Quetglas, Director, Master's Degree in Cities. Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, University of Buenos Aires
  • Fernando Mantelli, President City Council of Tigre
  • Diego Enrich, President City Council of Vicente López

The event will be broadcasted on the YouTube channels of the SCA and the Legislature of CABA.

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