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Culture as a Dimension to Rethink Metropolitan Spaces

This webinar aimed to bring a cultural perspective to the design of metropolitan governments. The right to participate in culture has enormous power over the redistribution of the right to the city, and this was presented by representatives of the municipalities of Rome, Barcelona, Xi'an and Buenos Aires.


This session, starred by the representatives from Rome, Barcelona, Xi'an and Buenos Aires, included inputs and key drivers regarding culture and its impact in people’s life in a metropolitan context. It also provided with a perspective on the challenges and opportunities to ensure the quality of life in metropolitan spaces. 

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Video of the session

  • Luca Bergamo, Deputy Mayor, Rome
  • Enrique Avogadro, Minister for Cultural Affairs, Buenos Aires
  • Wang Chenjia, Dean of the Intercultural Research Institute at Northwestern University, Xi’an
  • Dani Granados, Representative for Cultural Rights, Barcelona City Council
  • Jordi Pascual Coordinador de la Comisión de cultura de la organización mundial de Ciudades y Gobiernos Locales Unidos (CGLU)
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Public space and Housing
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  • Culture, an essential tool when rethinking metropolitan spaces both from a social, economic and sustainable perspective
    Octavi de la Varga, Metropolis
  • Take advantage of and promote public spaces in different neighbourhoods of the city, in the hope that the changes will be permanent, and where the city and culture are integrated
    Enrique Avogadro, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the role technology plays in ensuring citizens have free access to culture
    Wang Chenjia, Intercultural Research Institute at Northwestern University, Xi’an
  • Culture is a tool to strengthen social capital
    Dani Granados, Barcelona City Council
  • The pandemic as an opportunity to put people who live in cities and metropolitan areas at the centre of all cultural policies
    Jordi Pascual, UCLG Culture