5 - Gender Equality

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Learning station The metropolitan governance in Africa. Models of metropolitan governance
Agenda The metropolitan governance in Africa: models of metropolitan governance
Learning station Culture as a Dimension to Rethink Metropolitan Spaces
Learning station Webinar "A multidimensional approach to urban inequalities: thoughts and aspirations"
Agenda Webinar “Creating opportunities for economic recovery”
Agenda Webinar: Rethinking the future of public metropolitan spaces
News Caring metropolises: framing recovery for all
News Launching the report: Gender impact assessment 2020
Blog Transforming our cities is also important for children
Agenda Webinar: Public Space and Mental Health and Wellbeing
Blog A multidimensional approach to urban inequalities: thoughts and aspirations
News Rethinking the future of metropolitan public spaces
News Webinar "Barrios, mir@das desiguales y jóvenes"
Resource Gender Impact Assessment
Blog Urban planning from a social and gender perspective
News Metropolis leaders call for more equal, sustainable and healthy metropolitan spaces
News CSW65: Fighting for gender equality from a metropolitan perspective
News 12th Metropolis Observatory Issue Paper is released
Resource Bringing nature back to the metropolis for all · Issue Paper #12 · Metropolis Observatory
Agenda Metropolises facing the pandemic
Agenda UCLG Gender Week 2020
Agenda Live Learning Experience: Tenth Thematic session - Gender
Learning station Intersectional responses for the LGBTI+ community facing COVID-19
Resource Manual Lenguaje no sexista
Resource Joint Statement to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women 65 (CSW65)
Learning station Gender indicators for a better metropolitan governance
Learning station Rethinking metropolitan governance
Agenda Right to the city and Peace
Agenda Heading to the Cities and Territories of Peace Forum
Agenda Participative democracy in the framework of the new governance for human, sustainable and inclusive development
Resource Urban inclusiveness, safety nets and social compacts in the time of a pandemic
Resource Securing Affordable Housing Delivery in Cities
Resource Removing Barriers to Mainstreaming Gender Equality
Resource Youth Empowerment for Prosperous and Inclusive Cities
Resource Inclusive Creative Economy and The Future of Work
News MetroTalks: Open dialogues on the post-Covid urban future at an opportune moment
News Tactical urbanism is also a matter of values, not just asphalt and paint
Resource Metropolitan development practices and policies: a critical look
Resource Right to metropolitan city in the framework of the NUA and the 2030 Agenda
Resource Models of metropolitan governance
Blog Adaptive leadership in a time of constant change
Resource COVID-19 vs gender violence
Resource Gender Mainstreaming Strategy - Flyer
News World Metropolitan Day is celebrated around the world in a more innovative way that is stronger than ever in tough times
Resource Violence in the metropolis: responses to a global issue · Issue Paper #11 · Metropolis Observatory
News World Metropolitan Day: "Metropolises facing the pandemic"
Agenda Metropolis webinar: Intersectional responses for the LGBTI+ community facing COVID-19
News Looking at the pandemic from an intersectional perspective
Resource Intersecciones. Diversidad sexual y de género e interseccionalidad
Blog Intersectionality and public policies: Lessons from Montevideo
News Addressing the complexity of mobility for all at the metropolitan scale
News Launch of the “Emergency Governance Initiative for Cities and Regions” – Monitoring the impact of COVID 19 and its aftermath
Resource Rights and claims for metropolitan mobility · Issue Paper #10 · Metropolis Observatory
Resource Gender Keys 4: Mobility and gender
News Cities for Global Health: Helping urban spaces to navigate the crisis and beyond
Resource City Managers Days 2019 - The digitalization process of metropolitan spaces
Resource Gender Impact Assessment 2019
News Paving the way for gender mainstreaming in urban governance
News Metropolitan governance: a gender mainstreaming perspective
News Guangzhou Workshop for Thought Leaders: Pioneering the Way towards a Vibrant City
Event Strengthening metropolitan governance: strategies and tools to build a more equitable public space
News Metropolitan Governments promote public policies for Women's rights
News Inequalities must be tackled at local level
News City Managers discuss the digitalization process of metropolitan spaces
Resource The digital transformation of metropolises · Issue Paper #08 · Metropolis Observatory
News Three Asian-Pacific cases of urban innovation applied at the local level
Pilot projects Participatory Democracy
Resource Safety and Public Spaces - one pager
News Gender Keys: opening the doors of gender mainstreaming at the metropolitan scale
Resource Gender Keys 1: Do metropolises have a gender?
Resource Public Tender - Safety and public space: Mapping metropolitan gender policies - Phase II
News New Metropolis Urban Innovation publication accelerates learning processes between local and regional governments
Resource Gender Impact Assessment 2018
News Spotlight on urban Iran: trends from Mashhad, Shiraz and Tehran
News The consequences of inequalities
News Safer metropolises for women and girls
Resource Safety and public space: Mapping metropolitan gender policies
News Exploring paths of collaboration to protect the rights of youth and children
News 15 faces of urban innovation
Pilot projects Guangzhou Award: The Award for Cities!
Agenda Interseccionalidad en las políticas LGBTI metropolitanas - 3º encuentro
Pilot projects Mapping Metropolitan Gender Policies
Pilot projects Intersectionality in LGBTI policies
News The Gauteng Declaration
News Summary of the sessions at #GautengMAM2018
News Creating egalitarian metropolitan spaces
Resource Egalitarian metropolitan spaces · Issue paper #4 · Metropolis Observatory
News Metropolitan policies for public spaces are presented at gender equality webinar
Resource Gender differences travel patterns
Resource Hacia una movilidad metropolitana con visión de género