10 - Reduced Inequality

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Agenda On-line training program on Caring Cities.
Learning station Strategic planning and metropolitan governance (1st edition) (ES)
Learning station Strategic planning and metropolitan governance (2nd edition) (ES)
Learning station A multidimensional approach to urban inequalities: thoughts and aspirations
Learning station Learning from tactical urbanism: Metropolitan perspectives for long-term solutions
Learning station Ibero-American experiences of tactical urban planning against the COVID-19
Learning station Culture as a Dimension to Rethink Metropolitan Spaces
Learning station Fighting urban inequalities
Learning station Post-Pandemic Cities: Challenges and Opportunities
Resource Fostering Citizen Engagement with Digital Strategies
Resource Policy Brief - Fostering engagement with digital strategies
Agenda Presentation of the Study on Migratory Processes in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area
Resource Policy Brief: Data gathering as a transformative process for the common good
Resource Toronto SDG Digital Inclusion Framework
Resource Towards a Digital Equity Policy for the City of Toronto
News Metropolis starts the campaign to request the officialisation of World Metropolitan Day
Agenda City Managers Community 2022: preparatory meeting
News Strategic Planning and Metropolitan Governance online program
News The Metropolitan governance in Africa: Peer Learning From Local Experiences
News Digital transformation that leaves no one behind
Resource Public space strategies for a sustainable metropolitan future: A collection of best practices
Blog Cities are leading us to a human rights-based digital transformation
News Food-based responses to the climate emergency and urban inequality in Rosario
Resource Rethinking public space for a sustainable metropolitan future
Blog 2022 will be a year full of challenges and opportunities to transform metropolitan spaces
Blog In the pandemic, cities must ‘do everything in our power’ to help vulnerable residents, says Montevideo’s mayor
News Democracy and connecting urban-rural the road for sustainable metropolises
Agenda Caring cities beyond COVID-19
Agenda Caring metropolis: A social perspective
Blog It’s time to put the health of people and the planet first in urban and regional planning
News Are we witnessing the emergence of a new city model?
Agenda City and metropolitan financing: Exchanging views between Africa & France
Agenda Tackling inequalities from cities in the post Covid-19 era.
Agenda Caring metropolises: Framing recovery for all
Agenda Webinar: Rethinking the future of public metropolitan spaces
Agenda Webinar: Public Space and Mental Health and Wellbeing
Agenda Webinar: Community-driven approaches to human mobility and diversity
Blog A multidimensional approach to urban inequalities: thoughts and aspirations
News Rethinking the future of metropolitan public spaces
Agenda Financing metropolitan transport: private workshop for City Managers
News Public space for all: transforming society from the ground up
Resource Analytics Note #01 - COVID-19 monitors of relevance to urban and regional governance
Agenda International Conference: Tackling Inequalities at the local level
Agenda Live Learning Experience: Eighth Thematic session - Addressing Informalities
Agenda Live Learning Experience: Fourth Thematic session - Digital Technologies
Blog Building a global movement to reduce food waste
News Bringing a metropolitan governance perspective to the UCLG Retreat & Campus debates
Agenda Right to the city and Peace
Agenda Heading to the Cities and Territories of Peace Forum
Agenda Local and Regional Governments' COVID-19 Response and Recovery for Migrant and Displaced Children and Youth
Agenda World Metropolitan Day 2021
Resource Securing Affordable Housing Delivery in Cities
Resource Removing Barriers to Mainstreaming Gender Equality
Resource Youth Empowerment for Prosperous and Inclusive Cities
Blog For Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau, the Crisis Year of 2020 reaffirmed that the future is metropolitan
Agenda Ibero-American experiences of tactical urban planning against the COVID-19
News World Metropolitan Day is celebrated around the world in a more innovative way that is stronger than ever in tough times
News World Metropolitan Day celebrations culminated in a global debate on inequality and citizen participation through the lens of a new form of metropolitan governance
News Culture as an essential tool for rethinking our metropolitan spaces
News World Metropolitan Day: "Metropolises facing the pandemic"
Agenda Metropolitan regions in the framework of recovery
Blog City regions facing finance economy
Blog Slums and peri-urban areas: the key to rethinking post-COVID-19 metropolises
News “Metropolis in 2023” : A Policy Debate in an extraordinary time
News Looking at the pandemic from an intersectional perspective
Blog Intersectionality and public policies: Lessons from Montevideo
News Addressing the complexity of mobility for all at the metropolitan scale
News Launch of the “Emergency Governance Initiative for Cities and Regions” – Monitoring the impact of COVID 19 and its aftermath
News Local Authorities at the Twelfth GFMD Summit
News Inequalities must be tackled at local level
Agenda Webinar "Why does inequality matter?"
Agenda 12th GFMD Global Forum on Migration and Development
Resource Guide to incorporate Intersectionality in gender and sexual diversity policies
News Collaborative Learning to develop sustainable urban forests
News Gender Keys: opening the doors of gender mainstreaming at the metropolitan scale
Resource Gender Keys 1: Do metropolises have a gender?
News Making the SDGs real: a mission for local and regional governments
News Five strategies to improve housing affordability
Resource Affordable Housing: Profiles of Five Metropolitan Cities
News European metropolitan areas get together for social cohesion
Resource EMA 2019 - 5th European Metropolitan Authorities Political Declaration
Resource European Pillar of Social Rights - The role of metropolitan areas in social issues
News From the urban grounds to the top world leaders
News New Metropolis Urban Innovation publication accelerates learning processes between local and regional governments
News A guide for no LGBTI person to be left behind
News Spotlight on urban Iran: trends from Mashhad, Shiraz and Tehran
Agenda Intersectionality in LGBTI policies - Final workshop
News Co-creating urban spaces with all citizens, the key to sound metropolitan governance
News How can major cities strengthen their role as global players without marginalising their citizens?
Resource Gentrification and impoverishment in the metropolis · Issue Paper #07 · Metropolis Observatory
News The consequences of inequalities
News Innovating foreign service initiatives to build a harmonious and integrated Yiwu
News The Rebirth of Wuhan's Urban Waste Dump - Ecological Treatment and Return of Plurality
News 15 faces of urban innovation
News What Did Urban Innovation Look Like in 2018?
Pilot projects Guangzhou Award: The Award for Cities!
Pilot projects Intersectionality in LGBTI policies