Gender mainstreaming

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News Launching the report: Gender impact assessment 2020
Resource Gender Impact Assessment
News Metropolis leaders call for more equal, sustainable and healthy metropolitan spaces
News The 1st Digital Citymakers Summit sheds light on the principles of justice as a condition for sustainable urban development
News CSW65: Fighting for gender equality from a metropolitan perspective
Agenda Live Learning Experience: Tenth Thematic session - Gender
Resource Manual Lenguaje no sexista
Agenda Metropolis webinar: Commuting across metropolises
News Tactical urbanism is also a matter of values, not just asphalt and paint
Resource Right to metropolitan city in the framework of the NUA and the 2030 Agenda
Resource Models of metropolitan governance
News Violence against women and girls, one of the most serious exponents of urban inequality
Resource COVID-19 vs gender violence
Resource Gender Mainstreaming Strategy - Flyer
News Tactical Urbanism as a response during the pandemic
News World Metropolitan Day is celebrated around the world in a more innovative way that is stronger than ever in tough times
Agenda COVID-19 and gender inequality
Resource Violence in the metropolis: responses to a global issue · Issue Paper #11 · Metropolis Observatory
News World Metropolitan Day: "Metropolises facing the pandemic"
News Cities for Global Health moves forward with recovery plans and community-led initiatives
News Looking at the pandemic from an intersectional perspective
News Active learning and city-to-city communication: Pillars of our crisis management response
Resource Intersecciones. Diversidad sexual y de género e interseccionalidad
News Addressing the complexity of mobility for all at the metropolitan scale
News Launch of the “Emergency Governance Initiative for Cities and Regions” – Monitoring the impact of COVID 19 and its aftermath
Resource Rights and claims for metropolitan mobility · Issue Paper #10 · Metropolis Observatory
Resource Gender Keys 4: Mobility and gender
News Managing the crisis on a urban scale: the Live Learning Experience
Resource Gender Impact Assessment 2019
News Paving the way for gender mainstreaming in urban governance
Resource Glossary. A tool for the use of gender-inclusive language
News The local and regional vision at the 6th UCLG Annual Retreat
News The metropolitan faces of WUF10
News Metropolitan governance: a gender mainstreaming perspective
Resource Gender Keys 3: Metropolitan Governance and Gender Equality
Event Strengthening metropolitan governance: strategies and tools to build a more equitable public space
News Metropolitan Governments promote public policies for Women's rights
News Shedding light on African metropolisation
News City Managers discuss the digitalization process of metropolitan spaces
Resource Gender Keys 2: Women and girls in public spaces
Resource The digital transformation of metropolises · Issue Paper #08 · Metropolis Observatory
Resource Guide to incorporate Intersectionality in gender and sexual diversity policies
News Tender open: Safety and public space
News Gender Keys: opening the doors of gender mainstreaming at the metropolitan scale
Resource Gender Keys 1: Do metropolises have a gender?
News Filling the gap of international databases on metropolitan areas
Resource Gender Impact Assessment 2018
Agenda 10 th Annual Meeting Cité Unies France (CUF) : “Let’s develop sustainable territories together”
Resource Gentrification and impoverishment in the metropolis · Issue Paper #07 · Metropolis Observatory
News Safer metropolises for women and girls
News UCLG community kicks off 2019 with boosted connections
Resource Safety and public space: Mapping metropolitan gender policies
Agenda Mapping Metropolitan Gender Policies: presentation of study on safety in public spaces
News Casa Diversa at Comuna 8, Medellín
Agenda Safety policies and public space: Mapping the right to the metropolitan city
News Summary of the sessions at #GautengMAM2018
Resource Mapping Metropolitan gender Policies
Event Metropolis Annual Meeting 2018 | Gauteng Province
News Creating egalitarian metropolitan spaces
Resource Egalitarian metropolitan spaces · Issue paper #4 · Metropolis Observatory
News Metropolitan strategies to achieve safe cities for women and girls are debated in India
Agenda Intersectionality in Metropolitan LGTBI policies · Workshop #2
News Metropolitan policies for public spaces are presented at gender equality webinar
Agenda Advancing Gender Equality – New roles and new tools for local government
News 8M: Right to equality in our metropolises
News Strengthening metropolitan capacities at the WUF9
Resource Gender differences travel patterns
Resource Hacia una movilidad metropolitana con visión de género
News Urban experiences to fight sexual harassment in metropolises
Event XII Metropolis World Congress - Montréal 2017
News Our metropolises unite against street harassment
News Difficulties and solutions in implementing the gender vision are shared in Brussels
News Barcelona presents its new master plan for Gender Justice in Tehran
Resource Metropolitan trends in the world · Issue Paper #1 · Metropolis Observatory
Resource building inclusive and safer cities for women_final report
News Security and mobility with a gender perspective in Bogota
Agenda Learning forum - practical sessions: mobility
Resource Eight key messages to promote sustainable mobility from a gender perspective in our metropolises
Event 2016 Metropolis Extraordinary Statutory Meetings
News Metropolis Women presidency impacts role of cities in eradicating urban violence
Agenda Sharing practices of gender mainstreaming methods in subnational and local policies
Agenda Engendering Habitat III
Agenda 2nd Asian Women’s Network Forum
Agenda International Conference on Women and Urban Life
News Mobility and sustainability from a gender perspective in metropolitan areas
Agenda MORE: 3rd International Conference on Architecture and Gender
News The right to the city and to public spaces forces us to look towards diversity
Agenda World Humanitarian Summit 2016
Event 2016 Metropolis Board of Directors Meeting
News Towards gender-sensitive and gender-equitable cities
Resource Atlas Metropolis "Cartografías contemporáneas"
Resource "Metròpolis Barcelona" Vol. 2 "Transformaciones metropolitanas" / "Metropolitan transformations"
Resource Catálogo "Metròpolis Barcelona" Vol. 1 "El urbanismo metropolitano hoy"
Agenda HABITAT III Regional Meeting: Europe
Agenda HABITAT III Thematic Meeting: Public Spaces
Agenda habitat III Regional Meeting: LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN
Agenda European Metropolitan Authorities Summit | Towards a common European metropolitan agenda
News Laura Pérez, councilor of Barcelona, new president of Metropolis Women
News Shaping the future of Africa with the people
News Successful First Roundtable on SDGs & Urban Innovation: Telling City Success Stories
News Guangzhou high level delegation visits the Metropolis Secretariat General
News The Declaration on Metropolitan Areas successfully steered by Montréal in the run-up to Habitat III
Agenda Metropolis Annual Meeting 1988
Agenda Metropolis Annual Meeting 1985
Agenda Metroplis Annual Meeting 1987
Agenda Metropolis Annual Meeting 1989
Agenda Metropolis Annual Meeting 1990
Agenda 1986 | Cairo · Annual Meeting
Agenda 1999| A Network of Cities for World Citizens · 6th Metropolis World Congress
Agenda 1996 | Metropolis for the People: Seeking Solidarity among World Citizens · 5th Metropolis World Congress
Agenda 1993 | Citizens and Sustainable Development · 4th Metropolis World Congress
Agenda 1990 | Metropolises in Ascendency? · 3rd Metropolis World Congress
Agenda 1984 I What kind of Development for the Major Metropolises at the Dawn of the 3rd Millenium? · International Symposium of the Major Metropolises
Agenda Consejo de Administración Estado de México 2004
Agenda 2005 | “TRADITION AND TRANSFORMATION. THE FUTURE OF THE CITY” · 8th World Congress of Metropolis Berlin
Agenda Cities for All · 11th Metropolis World Congress
News Joint Global Taskforce declaration at UN Summit warns Post-2015 Agenda will fail without local governments
News Metropolis Women International Network adds more antennas
News Gender equality at work would raise GDP by 5% (IMF, 2013)
Agenda TRAINING Seminar - Renovación Urbana
Agenda Habitat III Thematic Meeting: Financing Urban Development: the millennium challenge
Agenda Meeting of the Minds Richmond, CA, USA
Agenda Third World Forum on Economic and Local Development
Agenda MONTRÉAL Thematic Meeting on Metropolitan Areas towards HABITAT III
Agenda TRAINING Seminar E-government SEOUL
News METROPOLIS welcomes Barcelona’s mayor, Ada Colau
News Women Network accompanies residents in Barcelona Metropolitan Area to learn more about their neighborhood
News METROPOLIS Training - Paris - Last Call For Registration June 2015
News The importance of gender mainstreaming in local policies: the central issue for the Women Network at the Annual Meeting
News Live the City starts by “Connecting the Dots"
News 471 delegates will gather tomorrow in Buenos Aires to "Live the City"
Resource Bruxelles · Une ville qui allie respect et diversité
Resource Barcelona · La ciudad de las personas
Event Workshop for Thought Leaders: Learning from Urban Innovation
Event 1st International Forum Dynamic Cities Need Women
Agenda Workshop: Gender Mainstreaming in Public Policies
Event Women Network Abidjan 2013
News Madrid opens up the debate on Sustainable Urban Development with a Gender Perspective