Advancing Gender Equality – New roles and new tools for local government

Metropolitan governments are the closest government to people with the capacity to form and implement appropriate policies to build and equal society: empowering women to build stronger communities and a stronger world as well as, integrating a gender perspective in all public policies to address the multiple challenges of poverty reduction and human rights for all women and men, would be key to this end.  
The webinar will be the opportunity for Metropolis to present the first results of a research "Safety and Public Spaces: Mapping Metropolitan Gender Policies" launched by Metropolis in partenariat with our members, to map experiences and lessons on existing metropolitan policies targeted at ending sexual violence against women in urban spaces; a priority in both the 2030 Agenda, SDG 11, and the NUA which itself has a focus on participation, inclusion and a special recognition of the safety as a necessary condition for sustainable urban development. 
Join this webinar to learn how three organizations are helping local governments step up to advance this important agenda.  
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Learning Objectives:

1) Promote a shared understanding within CIB members of SDG (and SDG 5 in particular), and related Urban Agenda, and Right to the City agenda;

2) Help CIB members understand how 3 organizations (i.e. presenters) are assessing and responding to the context and needs of gender equality with specific policies, strategies or plans;

3) Provide specific methodology/tools or good practices (ONE tool or practice per presenter only) used in capacity dev. projects.


Someone from the CIB Secretariat will do the welcoming and intro (positioning SDGs and defining gender equality, for the purpose of the webinar), and introduce each speaker (6-7 minutes in total). Three speakers will have 8-10 minutes each for their presentation. The second half of the webinar will be a 25-30 minutes facilitated Q&A (managed by Pascal/FCM), using questions from participants (via the chat box). The CIB Sec person will do a quick wrap up at the end to highlight key learning and eventual action items, and thank participants.



Ms. Kathryn Travers, Executive Director, Women in Cities International (on behalf of Metropolis)

- Marta Casamort, Gender Officer, Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation

- Elena Pierce, Governance, Policy and Networks Advisor, FCM Programs, Federation of Canadian Municipalities



The webinar will be conducted in English only.

*Please note that event time is set according to Central European Time (CET).


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