Women Network accompanies residents in Barcelona Metropolitan Area to learn more about their neighborhood

Representatives of the METROPOLIS Women International Network and the Secretariat General participated in an activity called Jane’s Walk on 9 May, organized by Col·lectiu Punt 6 in the La Mina neighborhood of Sant Adrià del Besós, in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area. Accompanied by members of the Association of Residents, they got a first-hand look at the urban transformations that have been underway for years, designed to improve quality of life for residents of La Mina, a neighborhood stigmatized for drugs affecting it socially, economically, culturally, territorially and in terms of employment.

“Jane’s Walk is a series of walking tours around the neighborhoods that allow participants to connect with their community and neighbors, closing social and geographical gaps and creating a space where cities can discover themselves. Jane’s Walk began in 2007 in cities in North America and other cities around the world have gradually joined this initiative.” Col·lectiu Punt 6.