Barcelona presents its new master plan for Gender Justice in Tehran

International Conference on Women and urban Life
Metropolis Secretariat General

Metropolis commitment to metropolitan governance, to a true democracy, focuses on a two-fold strategy: on the one hand, making the everyday life of residents the main focus of our metropolises, by incorporating the needs and experiences of women into the processes of redefining social uses of urban space; on the other hand, working with our members in the implementation of policies that address the needs and experiences of women. In this spirit, Ms Laura Pérez, President of Metropolis Women and Councillor for Feminisms and LGTBI of the Barcelona City Council, together with other international experts and institutions, participated as panelist at the First International Conference on Women and Urban Life that took place in Tehran on 11 and 12 December. Ms Perez gave a speech on “Empowerment and Social Justice” fostering on the design and development of urban policies, with liveable cities as the main axis, and focusing on the experience of Barcelona and its new Plan for Gender Justice.

 “We need the empowerment of women, both collectively and individually, and the promotion of policies that facilitate their involvement in public life and that drive relations between City Council and community action by women groups and social movements” Ms Perez said in a statement before the media.

“It is important to consider that women’s and men’s needs are sometimes the same, but not always. We aren’t in the same position, nor do we dedicate the same time to the care of dependents, or have the same access to the job or housing markets, or to the same economic resources. We do not move around the city in the same way. The strong development of the public transport network in the city, which is mainly used by women, is important” Ms Perez commented during the Q&A debate.

Apart from her intervention during the Conference, Ms Perez held a protocol meeting with Dr. Zahra Moshir, Head of Deputy office of Women's Affairs of Tehran Municipality, during which they agree to continue collaborating on gender and urban governance. The President of Metropolis Women also had the opportunity to learn about projects in Tehran aiming at women’s empowerment and the creation of gender-responsive public space.

Brussels also attended the First Conference on Women and Urban Life