Security and mobility with a gender perspective in Bogota

sesión movilidad Bogotá
Metropolis Secretariat General

The Secretariat of Women of Bogota (SDMUJER), in representation of Metropolis Women, made the presentation "Building Safe Cities for Women with Safetipin", as part of the learning forum on mobility which took place at 5th UCLG Congress.

Carlota Alméciga Romero, director of knowledge management at SDMUJER, and César Pinzón-Medina, professional specialized in the SDMUJER, in collaboration with Kalpana Viswanat, director-founder of Safetipin – a mobile application that allows citizens to share information on security in public spaces –, were responsable for including the gender perspective in the session. They focused their presentation on the state and the perception of security of women during their travels around the city, and how to build a safer Bogotá for all, with the participation of  its citizens.

The project, led by SDMUJER and articulated with several institutions and international enterprises, initiated in the framework of the International Seminar of Safe Cities held in 2013 in Bogota, which involved other cities that integrate the network: Medellín, Mexico City, Montréal and New Delhi. Since then, two phases of the project have been carried out: in the first phase, 4,000 km of streets were mapped; in the second phase, more than 300 km of the network of bicycle lanes in the Colombian capital were traveled.

In this framework, SDMUJER is now collecting three levels of information very useful for decision-making:

  • points identified as unsafe by Safetipin
  • points that women of different neighborhoods have identified as unsafe locations
  • points where there have been at least one act of violence

For more information on this experience, see the posters of presentation.


Credits: Secretaría Distrital de la Mujer


In addition, during the forum, the participants were able to listen and to share views on other experiences in urban mobility and public transport systems deployed in multiple cities around the world, including Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Guatemala, Seoul, Belo Horizonte and Bonn.

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