3 - Good Health and Well-Being

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Learning station Sustainable water management: key for citizen’s wellbeing
Resource How do children imagine the future of their metropolises? Inspiring ideas for policy-makers
Agenda From urban forests to the air we share: metropolitan strategies to meet the goals of sustainable cities, health, climate and life on land
News Why people’s quality of life would be improved by addressing metropolitan management
Resource MetroTalks: Enabling healthy urban planning
News It’s time to put human and planetary health first in public space design
Blog Getting public space right: transforming society from the ground up
Blog Do trees help build urban resilience? Yes, they do!
News Superblocks: Putting people at the centre of Barcelona’s public space model
News Communities move towards more equitable metropolitan spaces
News Managing biodiversity in urban environments: synergies between the Barcelona and Aburrá Valley metropolitan areas
Blog In the pandemic, cities must ‘do everything in our power’ to help vulnerable residents, says Montevideo’s mayor
News 13th Metropolis World Congress: responding to complex emergencies through people-oriented transformation
News “The birth of a new kind of city”: a shared response to the challenges our planet faces
News World Metropolitan Day 2021: a unified voice calling for more resilient metropolitan spaces
News Metropolitan spaces are accelerating their great transformation
News Rethinking the future of public spaces
News MetroTalks: Enabling Healthy Urban Planning.
Blog Why Cities Must ‘Race to Zero’
Blog For a Sustainable Future, Let’s Talk About Urban Resilience
Agenda Caring cities beyond COVID-19
Blog It’s time to put the health of people and the planet first in urban and regional planning
Agenda Sports in Metropolitan Regions after COVID: Shaping opportunities
News The spirit of Cittaslow has sidled into the metropolis
Agenda Buenos Aires: World Metropolitan Day
Agenda Mainstreaming nature-based solutions in urban landscapes & cities
News Steps to accelerate Metropolitan debate in Latin America
Agenda Caring metropolises: Framing recovery for all
Agenda Webinar: Rethinking the future of public metropolitan spaces
News Caring metropolises: framing recovery for all
Blog Transforming our cities is also important for children
Agenda Webinar: Public Space and Mental Health and Wellbeing
News A toolkit to rethink our metropolitan spaces
News Respond Rebuilt Reinvent (RRR) : fostering partnerships for the post-Covid-19 recovery
Blog Chengdu plans big for a ‘city within a park’
Blog Urban planning from a social and gender perspective
News Public space for all: transforming society from the ground up
News Urban regeneration: a matter of context dependency?
News Urban Forests: a valuable tool for building metropolitan green areas
News 12th Metropolis Observatory Issue Paper is released
Resource Bringing nature back to the metropolis for all · Issue Paper #12 · Metropolis Observatory
News Metropolitan dialogue on green infrastructure: launching a new pilot project!
Agenda Metropolises facing the pandemic
News The best strategy for city governance when an emergency combines with an entrenched crisis: resilience, empathy and caring
Agenda World Metropolitan Day 2021
Resource Youth Empowerment for Prosperous and Inclusive Cities
News Tactical urbanism is also a matter of values, not just asphalt and paint
News Governance structures must be upgraded to properly respond to complex emergencies
Blog For Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau, the Crisis Year of 2020 reaffirmed that the future is metropolitan
Blog Adaptive leadership in a time of constant change
Agenda Ibero-American experiences of tactical urban planning against the COVID-19
Blog Why World Metropolitan Day is a time to rethink the future of the city
Agenda Metropolitan regions in the framework of recovery
Agenda Metropolitan Governance and Health: The Experience of Covid-19
Agenda International Cooperation in Latin American Metropolises
Agenda Connecting metropolitan areas
Blog Madrid's Metropolitan Forest: a forest belt to reconnect the city’s population with nature
Blog Slums and peri-urban areas: the key to rethinking post-COVID-19 metropolises
News Megacities: more vulnerable, but crucial to providing solutions in times of crisis
News Launch of the “Emergency Governance Initiative for Cities and Regions” – Monitoring the impact of COVID 19 and its aftermath
Agenda Urban-rural linkages in the time of Covid-19: Metropolitan Perspectives
News Cities for Global Health: Helping urban spaces to navigate the crisis and beyond
News Planting trees to improve metropolitan sustainability: updates on CLEARING HOUSE
News Inequalities must be tackled at local level
Pilot projects Clearing House
News Collaborative Learning to develop sustainable urban forests
News New Metropolis Urban Innovation publication accelerates learning processes between local and regional governments
News Multiculturalism, Sports and Investment in Kazan
News Building great places to grow older and thrive
News Informal Settlement Upgrading in Durban
News Public Participation in 3R Waste Management for Better Surabaya
News 15 faces of urban innovation
News What Did Urban Innovation Look Like in 2018?
Pilot projects Guangzhou Award: The Award for Cities!