16 - Peace and Justice Strong Institutions

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Agenda Can cities save the world? The impact of city networks and city-partnerships for peace and development
Learning station Rethinking metropolitan governance
Agenda Improving Metropolitan Governance Quality
News Metropolis starts the campaign to request the officialisation of World Metropolitan Day
News Strategies for metropolitan internationalisation: moving towards public policy at the service of the people
News Communities move towards more equitable metropolitan spaces
Resource Mapping metropolitan gender policies - Africa
Resource Mapping metropolitan gender policies - North America
Resource Mapping metropolitan gender policies - Latin America
Resource Mapping metropolitan gender policies - Europe
Resource Mapping metropolitan gender policies - Asia
Agenda Caring cities beyond COVID-19
Agenda The METREX Manifesto: the metropolitan approach for solving urgent urban & rural challenges
Agenda Civic Participation and Solidarity for Resilient Metropoles
Agenda World Forum on Cities and Territories of Peace
Agenda Metropolises facing the pandemic
Agenda 2020 Seoul Peace Forum
Agenda Heading to the Cities and Territories of Peace Forum
News The best strategy for city governance when an emergency combines with an entrenched crisis: resilience, empathy and caring
Agenda Participative democracy in the framework of the new governance for human, sustainable and inclusive development
Resource Metropolitan development practices and policies: a critical look
Resource Right to metropolitan city in the framework of the NUA and the 2030 Agenda
Resource Models of metropolitan governance
Agenda The Metropolitan Area of San Salvador on the move 2030.
News World Metropolitan Day is celebrated around the world in a more innovative way that is stronger than ever in tough times
Resource Violence in the metropolis: responses to a global issue · Issue Paper #11 · Metropolis Observatory
Agenda Metropolitan Governance and Health: The Experience of Covid-19
Agenda Reflections on recycling in metropolitan areas
News Looking at the pandemic from an intersectional perspective
News Together to rethink our metropolitan spaces
Blog Intersectionality and public policies: Lessons from Montevideo
Resource UN75 discussions - Metropolis Report
News Launch of the “Emergency Governance Initiative for Cities and Regions” – Monitoring the impact of COVID 19 and its aftermath
News The time to rethink the metropolis is now
News Metropolitan governments discuss the future of Multilateralism
Resource City Managers Days 2019 - The digitalization process of metropolitan spaces
News The local and regional vision at the 6th UCLG Annual Retreat
News Metropolitan governance: a gender mainstreaming perspective
News City Managers discuss the digitalization process of metropolitan spaces
Resource The digital transformation of metropolises · Issue Paper #08 · Metropolis Observatory
Resource Guide to incorporate Intersectionality in gender and sexual diversity policies
Agenda Cities and Territories of Peace Workshop
News World Metropolitan Day grows in scope and supporting institutions
Agenda World Metropolitan Day in Córdoba
News Making the SDGs real: a mission for local and regional governments
News European metropolitan areas get together for social cohesion
Resource EMA 2019 - 5th European Metropolitan Authorities Political Declaration
Resource European Pillar of Social Rights - The role of metropolitan areas in social issues
News New Metropolis Urban Innovation publication accelerates learning processes between local and regional governments
News A guide for no LGBTI person to be left behind
Agenda Intersectionality in LGBTI policies - Final workshop
News Multiculturalism, Sports and Investment in Kazan
News Co-creating urban spaces with all citizens, the key to sound metropolitan governance
News The consequences of inequalities
News Safer metropolises for women and girls
Agenda Etorkizuna Eraikiz Congress. Open minded governance for your future
News Exploring paths of collaboration to protect the rights of youth and children
News Innovating foreign service initiatives to build a harmonious and integrated Yiwu
News 15 faces of urban innovation
News Metropolises committed to transparency
News Metropolis at the 5th Mayoral Forum on Human Mobility, Migration and Development
News What Did Urban Innovation Look Like in 2018?
News Metropolises take center stage at the Smart City Expo
News Sustainable development and peace at the heart of UCLG Executive Bureau & World Council
Pilot projects Guangzhou Award: The Award for Cities!
Pilot projects Intersectionality in LGBTI policies
News Bogota and Mexico City exchange strategies to promote citizen´s safety
Resource Metropolises addressing the global agendas · Issue Paper #2 · Metropolis Observatory