The Metropolitan Area of San Salvador on the move 2030.

In accordance with the Montreal Declaration on Metropolitan Areas, (7 October 2015) which recognizes and reaffirms the role of metropolitan regions in the sustainable economic, social, cultural and environmental development of urban and rural areas. For the third consecutive year, the San Salvador Metropolitan Area is celebrating World Metropolitan Day in a different way, reaffirming the commitments made at previous meetings. This time, emphasis will be placed on new short and medium term challenges that the SSMC will be promoting in the coming years, taking into account the effects that have visibly been devastating for the national and international metropolitan territory.

Modality of the event. On-site with pre-recorded information capsules 

Date: 22 October 2020 

Theme of approach: 

2030 Agenda of Sustainable Development Goals, the recovery and reactivation of the AMSS in the face of the COVID-19 crisis, aimed at raising awareness of the importance of how to address the consequences of the crisis under a process of governance, involving the participation of various actors. 

The presentation for the Metropolitan Day will take place as follows:

A session of the AMSS Council of Mayors will be held, broadcast simultaneously on AMSS and municipalities' live Facebook, at which a presentation will be made of the actions promoted by the AMSS, as set out in the declaration of Metropolitan Day 2019.
A presentation will be made on how 2020 has been a year of building a new development strategy and projecting it into 2030, called the AMSS on the move 2030 and launching initiatives to be undertaken in the short term, based on four strategic initiatives:

- Update of the LDOT-AMSS Metropolitan Legal Framework
- Ciclovida Project 
- Proximity planning project: micro markets
- Waste management project 

3.    Mayors, members of COAMSS, will discuss the major challenges facing metropolitan areas (in pre-recorded video). Pre-recorded capsules will be made, with SSMC mayors, where they will present the national and global challenges on the compliance with SDGs in this context, and will include the analysis of national and international experts, on the same topic. 


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