2020 Seoul Peace Forum

Organized by Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG),  this event aims at establishing a leading peace discourse for the peace age of Northeast Asia. It attracts over 3000 participants and consists of hosting an international forum with Nobel Peace Prize winners to discuss world peace.

Among the topics fostered during this paramount event, there will be discussions on peace-related issues of Northeast Asia, including nuclear and refugee issues. The role of cities overcoming conflict and Building a Peace Solidarity Belt will be tackled. The summit also aims at establishing international support for Seoul and Pyongyang to co-host Seoul-Pyongyang 2032 Summer Olympics. The core target of this summit comprises invitees such as Nobel prize winners, scholars and experts in diplomatic and security field at home and abroad, mayors of emblematic cities of peace and reconciliation (Berlin, Oslo, Belfast, Colombia, etc), major city mayors for peace in Northeast Asia including US, China, Japan, and Russia.