Reflections on recycling in metropolitan areas

Within the framework of the World Metropolitan Day, the Government of the City of Buenos Aires proposes a series of activities focused on recycling. The approach to this metropolitan problem aims to promote collaborative work in articulation with various actors: citizens, civil society organizations, governments and the private sector.

After a series of activities carried out from the 15th to the 18th of September, in the framework of the updating of the Urban Environmental Plan, the Council of the Urban Environmental Plan will be holding a meeting in the Legislature, to discuss the problem of recycling. This meeting will be held in the first week of October (date TBC). In addition, at the meetings of the Urban Environmental Plan Council, the products and reflections of previous citizens' roundtables will be taken up.

The objective of these activities is to collect useful and relevant information on the problem of recycling, by incorporating the perspectives of the various actors involved. The results of these participatory processes will be processed as input for the Climate Change Platform project that the Government of the City of Buenos Aires has underway.


Speakers of the session (areas involved): 

  • Urban Environmental Plan Council
  • Secretariat for Communication, Content and Citizen Participation
  • General Secretariat and International Relations