1.1 Combating inequalities and segregation

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Activity Strategic Partnership MoU NIUA BASIIC "Building Accessible, Safe & inclusive Indian Cities ”
News Planning meeting 2021-2023
News Cities Alliance collaboration in 2020
News Launch of "Sub-national Urban Policy: A Guide"
News 3rd call for pilot projects
News Bringing a metropolitan governance perspective to the UCLG Retreat & Campus debates
News Global Task Force meeting: sharing the network’s response
Activity U20 Rome & Milan
Activity Digital Citymakers Summit
Activity Collaboration with external observatories
Activity Comparative study Public Space
Activity Webinar Learning from cities in crises. Metropolitan perspectives on fragility and resilience
Activity Cities Alliance contribution| Fee payment
Activity Gestión web Indicadores de Género
Activity Maquetación y elaboración de infografías Indicadores de Género
Activity Maquetación y elaboración de infografías documentos Mapping Fase II
Activity Search for new fora in North America
Activity Videos/podcast focused to public spaces
Activity Webinars on public space issues
Activity Online workshops and peer learning sessions on public space and Covid-19
Activity Mapping best practices on public space issues
Activity Emergency Governance Initiative - EGI
Activity MetroTalk Series
Activity GOLD VI: Addressing inequalities through local transformation strategies
Activity Annual audit of Metropolis accounts
Activity Global Social Economy Forum (GSEF)
Activity Audit of the SAJB grant 2020
Activity Monitoring the implementation of the Fundraising Strategy approved by the BOD
Activity Individual staff training
Activity Staff training on Urban Planning
Activity Staff training on communication & campaigns
Activity SHRDC online training: MITI Cairo on Smart City
News Approval of the Strategic Action Plan 2021-2023
News New pilot projects to explore the challenges of metropolisation
News Metropolises from around the world meet at Smart City Live
News Urban innovation, an ally in the reconstruction of our cities
News Three-year report 2017-2020
News EC: Partnership for Sustainable Cities
News 11th Metropolis Observatory Issue Paper is released
Activity Ibero-American experiences of tactical urban planning against the COVID-19
News debate on the Covid-19 and the decentralized cooperation
News World Metropolitan Day celebrations culminated in a global debate on inequality and citizen participation through the lens of a new form of metropolitan governance
Activity Humanizing Learning Hub
Activity Human Resources Strategy Phase 2
Activity Webinar: Gender indicators for a better metropolitan governance
News Local governments implementing international actions
Activity Coordination Logistics ProGRAM 13th Metropolis World Congress
Activity Forum of African metropolises