2.1 Social resilience

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News Implementation of the homeworking in Metropolis Secretariat General
Activity Strategic Partnership MoU NIUA BASIIC "Building Accessible, Safe & inclusive Indian Cities ”
News UCLG Presidency Meeting -COVID 19 Outbreak
News Bringing a metropolitan governance perspective to the UCLG Retreat & Campus debates
News The best strategy for city governance when an emergency combines with an entrenched crisis: resilience, empathy and caring
News 2020 High Level Political Forum
Activity U20 Rome & Milan
Activity UN Biodiversity Conference (COP 15) - Kumming
Activity Public space: publication with best practices and context
News Mainstreaming Urban Innovation: the 5th edition of the Guangzhou Award unveils shortlisted and deserving projects by Metropolis members
Activity Webinar Learning from cities in crises. Metropolitan perspectives on fragility and resilience
Activity Casa Asia · 2021 agreement
Activity Cities Alliance contribution| Fee payment
Activity Survey regarding digitalization of LG. Benchmarking
Activity Webinar "Barrios, mir@das desiguales y jóvenes"
Activity Webinars on public space issues
Activity Emergency Governance Initiative - EGI
Activity MetroTalk Series
Activity GOLD VI: Addressing inequalities through local transformation strategies
Activity Global Social Economy Forum (GSEF)
Activity SHRDC online training: MITI Mexico City on Risk reduction management or City Safety
News Going beyond city building: Culture-led urban regeneration
News Metropolises from around the world meet at Smart City Live
News World Metropolitan Day celebrations culminated in a global debate on inequality and citizen participation through the lens of a new form of metropolitan governance
Activity Humanizing Learning Hub
News Launch of the “Emergency Governance Initiative for Cities and Regions” – Monitoring the impact of COVID 19 and its aftermath
Activity Cities for Global Health
Activity Coordination Logistics ProGRAM 13th Metropolis World Congress