World Metropolitan Day

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Agenda Capacity Development for Metropolitan Management
Agenda The Metropolitan Area of San Salvador on the move 2030.
News World Metropolitan Day is celebrated around the world in a more innovative way that is stronger than ever in tough times
News World Metropolitan Day celebrations culminated in a global debate on inequality and citizen participation through the lens of a new form of metropolitan governance
Resource World Metropolitan Day - Report 2019
Agenda Metropolitan governance and pandemic: challenges and opportunities?
Agenda Right to the city and Peace
Agenda From the Barcelona of the 15' to the Catalonia of the 45': rethinking the metropolis
News World Metropolitan Day: "Metropolises facing the pandemic"
Agenda Metropolitan Round 9: Towards a new metropolitan planning
Agenda Metropolitan regions in the framework of recovery
Agenda Cities as drivers of transformation into more sustainable, resilient and just societies
Agenda Where is the urban development of Soledad de Graciano Sánchez heading?
Agenda The Metropolitan Region of Bogotá-Cundimarca: Perspectives of a Regional Future
Agenda Metropolitan Governance and Health: The Experience of Covid-19
Agenda Covid-19 and Metropolitan Management: Lessons Learned from the Global Health Crisis
Agenda International Cooperation in Latin American Metropolises
Agenda Connecting metropolitan areas
Agenda Metropolises facing the pandemic
Agenda Reflections on recycling in metropolitan areas
Agenda Participative democracy in the framework of the new governance for human, sustainable and inclusive development
Resource Tool kit
Resource Expression of interest - Letter template
News Metropolitan Day 2018 Celebrations
Resource Metropolitan Day 2018 - Final Report