Inclusion and equity

Content type Title
Learning station A multidimensional approach to urban inequalities: thoughts and aspirations
Learning station Intersectional responses for the LGBTI+ community facing COVID-19
Resource Policy Brief: Data gathering as a transformative process for the common good
Resource Mapping Toronto's Digital Divide
News Communities move towards more equitable metropolitan spaces
News Launching the report: Gender impact assessment 2020
Resource Policy and planning tools for urban green justice
News Public space for all: transforming society from the ground up
Agenda International Conference: Tackling Inequalities at the local level
News Addressing the complexity of mobility for all at the metropolitan scale
Resource Glossary. A tool for the use of gender-inclusive language
News Metropolitan Governments promote public policies for Women's rights
Pilot projects Participatory Democracy
News Making the SDGs real: a mission for local and regional governments
News Global Solutions to Local Inequalities
News European metropolitan areas get together for social cohesion
Resource EMA 2019 - 5th European Metropolitan Authorities Political Declaration
News A guide for no LGBTI person to be left behind
News Cultural heritage igniting urban regeneration
News Urban ecology, a motor to revitalize an old industrial neighbourhood
News How can major cities strengthen their role as global players without marginalising their citizens?
News The consequences of inequalities
Resource Social Cohesion in Gauteng
Resource Safety and public space: Mapping metropolitan gender policies
News Casa Diversa at Comuna 8, Medellín
Agenda Interseccionalidad en las políticas LGBTI metropolitanas - 3º encuentro
News Conference on Youth, Sport, and Social Cohesion in Barcelona
News Metropolises take on the challenge of intersectionality in LGBTI policies
Agenda Global Conference on Cities and Migration
News Metropolitan Governance for the Right to Housing
Resource Johannesburg Final Report_Caring Cities
Agenda MONTRÉAL Thematic Meeting on Metropolitan Areas towards HABITAT III
News Live the City starts by “Connecting the Dots"