Strengthening capacities for metropolitan governance


As the main focal point of expertise on metropolitan governance, Metropolis fosters learning spaces for capacity building to better design and implement urban policies and deliver services to metropolitan citizens. These efforts crystallize in the organization of online and in-person programs suited for technical teams and elected representatives of our membership. The methodologies and formats of the learning activities are varied and adapted to the public and themes.

Launched in 2021, the Learning Station is the space where public officials with a technical or political profile find all training content on different topics related to metropolitan governance. Social cohesion, mobility, water management, smart cities and e-government, gender equality or financing are some of the issues addressed during our sessions.

The learning and capacity building programs have always been pillars of Metropolis. City officials and decision-makers need to enhance their knowledge and skills. In response to our members’ demands, the Metropolis International Institute (MII) was created 25 years ago in Montréal as a network with training centers in Seoul, Mashhad, and Cairo.

Today, Seoul Metropolitan Government is the headquarters of the Metropolis International Training Institute (MITI) and together with the regional centers of Mashhad, Cairo and Mexico City offers programs tailored to the needs of their respective regions.

Moreover, Metropolis Secretariat General organizes online courses and one to two-hour webinars on key issues concerning our membership. They usually count with the expertise of at least one member and/or partner and allow the participants to interact with the rest of attendees.

Based on a mutual interest of collaboration and with the purpose of exploring and advancing on a shared priority theme, Metropolis agrees with interested members to establish a Learning Hub, a center that offers specialized and quality training with prestigious partners at regional and/or international level. Under a three-year partnership agreement, the Learning Hubs allow our association and our members to collaborate on the design, promotion and implementation of a regional and/or international training curricula addressed to our members as well as research works on that particular subject.



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