Metropolitan Governance

E-Government Training Program for Sustainable Development and Good Governance

From November 12 to 19 (13-17) the Seoul Human Resource Development Center (SHRDC) successfully held an e-Government Training Program targeting sustainable development and good governance. Seven of our members participated in the program, including Mexico City, New Delhi, Amman, Quito, Cairo, Bangkok and Colombo.

With a total of 13 (16) participants, the program not only provided the opportunity to share each city’s policies and concerns, but also the chance to discuss and solve many of the challenges that each city is facing within the field of e-Government.

Thanks to the enhancing lecture of the Seoul e-Government, where solid e-tax systems and smart e-Government strategies were explained, the participants were able to acquire new e-Government capacities and Smart City strategies to be implemented in the day to day of their city administrations.

Along with theoretical lectures regarding e-Government policies, all participants visited concrete related theme sites such as TOPIS, the Bukchon Hanok Village (IoT Project), the Seoul Data Center, the Digital Innovation Park and the Municipality Bank.
In addition to the representation of our members, the program was attended by participants from Samdrup Jongkhar (Bhutan), Phuntsholing (Bhutan), San Fernando (Philippines) and Kaduna State (Nigeria).