Waste management

Sustainable Water Management Training Program

Between October 16 and 20, the Seoul Human Resource Development Center (SHRDC) successfully held a sustainable water management training program focused on the efficiency of resources, urban regeneration and beneficial practices. The program counted on the participation of four of our members: Amman (Jordan), Jakarta (Indonesia), Bangkok (Thailand) and Seoul (South Korea).
With a total of six participants, the program shared not only sustainable management resource policies initiated by the city of Seoul, but also offered the opportunity for participants to discuss their city’s policies, concerns, and proposals to solve the challenges within the field of water treatment.
Along with theoretical lectures regarding water management policies, all participants visited corresponding sites such as the Seoul Waterworks Authority, the Arisu Information Center, the Seoul Water Institute, the Guui Arisu Purification Center, the Sewage Treatment Plant, the Seoul Sewage Science Museum and the Waterworks Equipment Management Center. 
Participants also had a chance to partake in the “Waste Water Management Forum”, held on October 18th in Seoul. During the Forum, Jakarta shared its water management policies, experiences and current challenges. The Strategic Plan of Water Management Agency of DKI Jakarta Province 2018-2022 is focused on addressing the need for clean water in residential areas not reached by piped water services and establishing improved infrastructures and facilities for the management and processing of raw and clean water.
In addition to the representation of our members, the program was attended by participants from the cities of Rembang (Indonesia), Thimphu (Bhutan) and General Santos City (Philippines).