Urban renewal / rehabilitation

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Learning station Post-Pandemic Cities: Challenges and Opportunities
Learning station Sustainable water management: key for citizen’s wellbeing
Learning station Fighting urban inequalities
Learning station Ibero-American experiences of tactical urban planning against the COVID-19
Learning station Sustainable Urban Regeneration
Learning station Geospatial Visualization for Urban Revitalization
Learning station Visions and Challenges in Urban regeneration
Learning station Mapping a Green Future: Urban Planning under the Park City Initiative
News Rethinking the future of metropolitan public spaces
News Urban regeneration: a matter of context dependency?
News Metropolis leaders call for more equal, sustainable and healthy metropolitan spaces
Agenda Webinar Visions and Challenges in Urban regeneration
News Tactical urbanism is also a matter of values, not just asphalt and paint
News Guangzhou Workshop for Thought Leaders: Pioneering the Way towards a Vibrant City
Agenda Innovation Forum for Mayors of International Sister Cities of Chengdu
News New cooperation projects for Metropolis
News Five strategies to improve housing affordability
Resource Affordable Housing: Profiles of Five Metropolitan Cities
Agenda Sustainable Urban Management training program
News Sustainable Mobility Training Program on Urban Rail Transport Operation and Maintenance
News Metropolises in transformation share their experiences in Habitat III
News Informe Seminario Renovación Urbana
Agenda TRAINING Seminar - Renovación Urbana
Resource Mentoring on Upgrading Informal Settlements