Get the skills to take your city to the global stage

Metropolis Executive Training :
Autumn School on Internationalisation for local authorities


Date of the course: November 6th to 10th 2023 
Place: On-site in Barcelona, Spain
Duration: 5 days
Course language: English. No Interpretation provided

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Current trends are showing an increasing professionalisation of local government offices of international relations, which has gradually gained crosscutting space within the institutional, political, and territorial objectives of local administrations, moving towards becoming strategic action and, eventually, public policy. International action can not be perceived as a "luxury" and must instead be seen as a robust and effective mechanism to provide populations with better living conditions.

Taking this context into consideration and building on its 30+ years of experience at the service of local authorities, Metropolis offers a first-of-its-kind accredited executive training in Internationalisation for Local authorities, to provide the participants the tools and knowledge to foster international action in their territory.

Organised in Barcelona, a hotspot for global affairs, and with the contribution of the University of Melbourne for the content development and the financial support of the Barcelona City Council, the Metropolis Executive Training is a unique opportunity to gain practical knowledge with sessions on internationalisation skills, such as an internationalisation role-play simulation and networking activities.

Target audience

This executive training is aimed at leading public sector professionals aspiring to make an impact on their territory through the international projection of the local authority they work for:

  • Officials from international relations departments or other departments aiming at positioning their local government internationally.

  • Officials from multi sectoral metropolitan public authorities

  • Officials from other level of governments aiming at further understanding the internationalisation of local authorities


Supported by
Ajuntament de Barcelona
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CEI International Affairs University of Melbourne