City Managers Community

Major cities and metropolitan areas around the world are facing an increased complexity both at the governance and managing levels.

The international agenda is having a growing impact not only in local policies, but also in its operation. The management of cities cannot be carried out without taking into account the new approaches that demand the Agenda 2030 (with its sustainable development objectives) and the New Urban Agenda that must result from the Habitat III conference.

The objectives are:

  • To identify the challenges being faced by major cities in the aftermath of Habitat III from a managerial point of view
  • To set the basis for a knowledge and practice community of city managers around the world within the framework of the Metropolis Observatory
  • To propose new ideas and solutions about management of a city and the implementation of public policies
  • To develop an agenda whose implementation will be monitored and boosted by the Metropolis Secretariat General

The City managers community is supported by: