Metropolises in motion

Local authorities face the challenge of building cities and metropolitan areas that are compact, sustainable, inclusive and cohesive. Mobility is undoubtedly a fundamental component in this task. The design of strategies and participatory policies and with a territorial impact that exceeds the administrative limits in this matter is a necessity. 

This project identifies which are the keys to building solid mobility master plans in cities that initiate this process, with a special attention on "Pedestrianisation" and "Innovation/Technology" in the context of mobility.


  • Identify the key elements of a metropolitan mobility strategy that integrates the components of inclusion, accessibility and sustainability. 
  • Generate and transfer practical knowledge to civil servants and other relevant actors in the territory on how to build inclusive, sustainable mobility policies with a metropolitan perspective. 


  • Workshop and technical visit in Tijuana (October 3-5 2018). 
  • Final Workshop and technical visit in Medellín (TBC).