Metropolis Energy Governance

The Governance in the energy transition towards a low carbon society in metropolitan areas (Metropolis Energy GovernAnce or MEGA) exchanged knowledge on how metropolitan areas face governance in the energy transition process towards a low-carbon society. The project took a look at how the transition is designed and implemented, with whom and which are the results and impacts of the approaches taken. Initiatives such as energy cooperatives, Nearly Zero Energy Buildings, co-creation of master plans, are some of the proposals undertaken in some cities for the energy transition.



  • map practices of design and implementation of urban low carbon energy transition
  • understand the interrelations between relevant sectoral policies in relation to urban low carbon transition
  • identify practices of multi-stakeholder configurations and community-led energy initiatives



  • Workshop and technical visit in Lyon (Nov. 23-24 2017).
  • Workshop and technical visit in Montevideo (May 15-16, 2018).
  • Final Workshop and technical visit in Barcelona (Feb 28 – March 1, 2019).