Outcomes | XI METROPOLIS World Congress 2014

Three weeks ago, in Hyderabad, Cities for All, the XI METROPOLIS World Congress,  brought together over 1800 urban decision makers, governement policy makers, city managers, town planners,  urban practicioners, international NGOs, academics,  public and prívate service companies city planners, to discuss the role of the major metropolises as actors and essential partners of the development in the XXIst Century.

Over 250 speakers from all over the globe made up 60 sessions of a truly comprehensive and inspiring program. In addition,  93 international cities and 74 Indian cities were represented. The enthusiasm in Hyderabad was palpable,  and was evidenced by the 700 press clippings. The feedback we have received has been incredibly positive.

We are thrilled to announce that all of the rich content from the XI METROPOLIS WORLD CONGRESS is now available online (program, photos, final numbers, and much more!)

We strongly encourage you to read, watch and share the following material coming out of the Congress

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Cities for All was the first METROPOLIS Congress in India and we believe it is the start of new dialogue between Urban India and METROPOLIS community of cities.

We will keep you posted about our forthcoming activities and rendez-vous , including the next METROPOLIS Annual Meeting “Live the City” to be held in Buenos Aires 18-21 May 2015.

We keep our lines of communications open on Twitter and through Facebook and we´d like to share with you and learn about what you or your organisation  are up to.

Thank you for your support and commitment to METROPOLIS

Secretariat General in Barcelona