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One Year of the Policy Transfer Platform: tell the world about innovative projects in your city!

The Metropolis Policy Transfer Platform, which is run by Berlin, has been online for one year now.  To celebrate its anniversary, we invite your city to join this great hub of information about more than 100 case studies concerning pioneering, prize-winning projects all over the world.
The platform presents projects that may be transferred from city to city, whether we are talking about micro-gardens in Dakar, social programmes for informal settlements in Buenos Aires or the Sandokdoro Renaissance Project in Busan.
It is worth getting involved for the following reasons:
  • You can draw greater attention to exemplary projects in your city. Since the platform was launched, we have had over 40,000 page views, with visitors from more than 140 countries in the world.

  • In the time between events and conferences, you can also get actively involved in the Metropolis network. 34 Metropolis members, just about a quarter of the entire association, already have projects featured on the platform.

  • As one of our registered experts, you can find important contacts concerning the projects and topics that interest you and you can offer you own expertise.

  • More and more international partner institutions and bodies responsible for making awards to cities support the platform. In addition to the Metropolis Awards, the platform will be cooperating in the future with the Guangzhou Award and the EUROCITIES Award – to name just a few.

How can you get involved?

  1. Register in just five minutes on the Metropolis Policy Transfer Platform with your personal, public profile.
  2. After your account has been activated, you can:
  • upload case studies from your city;
  • find experts with similar interests or exciting projects and get in touch with them directly;
  • function as a contact person for external questions from experts, cities or organisations that want to know more about your case studies.
Get involved now at and forward this notice to other interested colleagues and institutions in your city, e.g. administrative departments, universities and research institutes, networks, local action groups or experts working on other projects.
If you have any questions and ideas, please mail them to