Africa metropolitan report: Tender for participation

Since the launch of the Metropolis Observatory in 2016, the association has been working on the creation of the metropolitan governance narrative trough it’s collection of publications. In addition, Metropolis has been working with LSE-Cities since 2018 to create an open database of metropolitan indicators. This databank will allow us to have information related to the reality of the metropolitan territories analyzed.

At this point, and with the information gathered, Metropolis has decided to go one step further and start creating knowledge based on the results of the analysis. This is put into practice with a new initiative: regional reports of the metropolises. Each year, Metropolis will promote the study, the writing and the publication of a report on the status of the metropolises on a different continent.

We decided to focus on Africa on the first publication, with the aim of analyzing the process of metropolisation in its territory. The dynamics and challenges, through the analysis of the different areas that make up the strategic vision of Metropolis: governance, economic development, social cohesion, gender equality, sustainability and quality of life.

The following Terms of Reference (ToRs) define the institutional context, the objectives, contents, deliverables and schedule for the production of the Africa Metropolitan Report:

Tender Africa Metropolitan Report

Private or public institutions, groups of experts, academics, Universities, research groups or individuals can participate by sending a technical and financial proposal to develop the Africa Metropolitan Report. The candidates’ technical proposal must demonstrate their understanding of the ToRs, provide evidence of their experience and knowledge of the issues and the countries of the region, and provide a record of previous research experience on the subject, as well as the methodology to achieve the expected results within the defined deadlines and ensure as comprehensive a regional coverage as possible.


The set of tender documents need to be sent to Metropolis by e-mail at / to no later than the date and time indicated in the ToRs. No Tenders will be accepted beyond the submission date, unless informed otherwise on the website.