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Municipal Finances & Investment



Why financing is so important?

The financing gap is huge and is impairing economic growth and living standards in developing countries. The battle against poverty, inequality and climate change will be increasingly won or lost in cities, and therefore building future cities is critical. Financing urban infrastructure and services is a productive investment which can unlock endogenous growth potential. Increasing the scale and efficiency of urban development financing should therefore be a priority.

 A key motivation for local governments considering public-private partnerships (PPPs) is the possibility of bringing in new sources of financing for funding public infrastructure and service needs. Thus, PPP is one of the pillars of sustainable urban development strategies.

This course aims to improve urban projects funding and financing knowledge among mid- to senior- level professionals working in urban and infrastructure planning, and help them to design urban projects to be implemented mainly sourced by private sector. It presents a framework for identification, evaluation, selection and implementation of urban projects. The course specific focus will be on PPPs.



The objectives of the training seminar are to present the following subjects:

  • Urban project; from identification to implementation
  • urban project Funding and financing
  • The valuation of land, as a means for financing urban projects
  • PPPs basic concepts
  • PPPs, from idea to action

Target public:

  •  Policy makers
  •  Managers
  •  Local professionals

Pedagogic approach:

The aim of the training course is to raise questions and identify issues rather than to provide ready-made solutions.  During the discussion which will follow the case study presentations and during the concluding session at the end of the program, delegates will be encouraged to challenge the presenters, contributing ideas based on their own experience or study and suggesting alternatives to the approaches which had been presented.


  • English
  • Persian


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