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Learning program "Resilient City"

More than half of the world’s population resides in urban and metropolitan areas, and cities have experienced rapid growth and urbanization. However, the local governments have to endure the threats and vulnerabilities as a result. Thus, strategic disaster risk reduction and response measures are critical for the sustainability. Furthermore, local governments have had to face new threats over the last two years and have had to undertake innovative initiatives to address the Covid-19 crisis from a bottom-up approach. The Sendai Framework, adopted at the Third UN World Conference in Disaster Risk Reduction, recognises the need for improved understanding of disaster risk, the strengthening of disaster risk governance, and the mobilisation of risk sensitive investment to reduce natural and social risks and to support the vulnerable.

"Resilient city" is the name of the learning program organised by UCLG, Metropolis, SHRDC as MITI HQ with the collaboration of UCLG-ASPAC. It will target the public officials of the members of UCLG and Metropolis, and preferably from metropolitan cities. We are looking for groups of 4 or 5 people from the same local government to apply.

The course will be provided via online so that it can continuously conduct training despite the spread of Covid-19.

Interested in this course? Here you can find all the information about the methodology and contents.