Learning from cities: Gender policy in covid times

Date to be confirmed

The joint UNDP – Metropolis series Learning from cities highlights city and metropolitan solutions and insights on pressing issues, linked both to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to adapt to a world in constant change.

This webinar will explore how cities have integrated gender strategies during the COVID-19 response and  the impact on gender equality over the past year and a half. Many cities have transformed the COVID-19 challenge into an opportunity, fighting to promote quality basic services in very complex situations. The pandemic has disproportionally affected women, as enforced lockdown measures have led to school closures, impact on the labour market, increase of unpaid care work and reported cases of violence against women.  

This webinar will highlight local actions that metropolitan cities have taken to ensure gender equality continued to be a priority during the COVID-19 response. 

Questions to guide the discussion

  • What are the lessons learned with the COVID-19 response as it relates to gender equality? 

  • What types of solutions have cities put in place during the COVID-19 response to protect vulnerable women and guarantee access to basic services, income and security?

  • What are the innovations happening in metropolitan areas to protect gender equality?   How these innovations can be used to build safer, more equal, and resilient societies?

  • What evidence and data has been gathered and used to monitor action?

The webinar will be recorded and made available to the general public in the Learning from Cities webpage and the main findings broadly disseminated through the production of an infographic, podcast and other communication tools.