13th Metropolis World Congress

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The impact of metropolitan spaces goes far beyond city borders. In a globalised world, where people, goods, capital, information and even diseases are travelling faster than ever, no doubt remains that the solutions to global challenges must be found through multiple levels of cooperation.

It is in this spirit that Metropolis and Guangzhou invite the citizens of the world to connect with our 13th Metropolis World Congress during November 2021. Together we will reflect, debate, learn from each other, and formulate innovative responses to the crucial questions of our metropolitan era. During the Metropolis World Congress,  we also will also the opportunity to help metropolises adopt a more forward-looking approach to global metropolitan challenges.


Hosted by Guangzhou, China, the 13th edition of the Metropolis World Congress is jointly organised by Metropolis and the People's Government of Guangzhou Municipalitywill also host the Global Mayors’ Forum and the 5th Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation. An important three-in-one event that will promote the development of policies in the fields of: safe and healthy public spaces, mobility strategies, energy transition, affordable housing, work and technology, innovative urban management, green infrastructure, and basic social services.


As a result, the 13th Metropolis World Congress seeks to present a bold statement for global agendas: that thinking and acting on a metropolitan scale is key to fostering social inclusion, economic development and environmental sustainability, ensuring quality of life and leaving no one behind.




Guangzhou CBD

A momentum towards healing our communities

By the time our Congress is virtually held, the Covid-19 pandemic is likely to have evolved. Nonetheless, the damage has already been done, and cities and metropolises have paid a heavy price. We want this Congress to spark momentum towards healing our communities and move towards greater cohesion between city policy makers, leaders and thinkers. Together with Guangzhou, our members and partners, we aim to mobilise novel solutions that can transform metropolitan spaces in the long term. Our shared vision is a Congress that has outcomes that will accelerate the changes in our metropolises by:


  1. Redesigning public space, making it more welcoming, accessible and functional
  2. Developing new and climate-friendly mobility patterns
  3. Facilitating the transition to more inclusive and sustainable economic models
  4. Accepting innovative technology, allowing more decentralised patterns of work and leisure
  5. Implementing nature-based solutions and protecting biodiversity
  6. Reducing our carbon footprint
  7. Enhancing healthcare services
  8. Mainstreaming gender issues and better protecting citizen rights

Thank you in advance for your support in making the 13th Metropolis World Congress a success!





About Guangzhou


As one of the planet’s 33 megacities with at least 10 million inhabitants, Guangzhou embodies the metropolisation process—a phenomenon that is taking place worldwide and is unprecedented in the history of humanity. Guangzhou is a city noted for its profound history and rich culture. As one of China’s central cities, it's also an international trade and commercial centre and integrated transportation hub. With 2.36 trillion yuan gross regional product in 2019, the city characterises one of the most open, prosperous and market-oriented metropolitan areas in China, serving a population of more than 22 million. In over 2,200 years of history, Guangzhou was a stop on the ancient Maritime Silk Road, and was home to Lingnan culture as well as China's modern revolution, and stands in the forefront of Chinese Reform and Opening-up. In 2016, Guangzhou topped the list on the Human Development Index of the UNDP among all cities on the Chinese mainland.

Guangzhou Folk music



A long friendship between Guangzhou and Metropolis 


The city of Guangzhou is one of Metropolis’ champion members, as it operates our Urban Innovation programme, our Regional Secretariat for Asia Pacific, and is the President of our association. A Metropolis member since 1993, Guangzhou took a great step forward in boosting its leadership on urban innovation through the launch of the Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation in 2012. With its commitment to promoting urban innovation as one of the pathways to sustainable urban development, Guangzhou is a global leader in facilitating exchanges of experience and knowledge on innovative urban practices that are designed to meet the needs of the urban population.



For further information, please contact the Metropolis Secretariat General: 
Ms.Agnès Charlotte Bickart, Senior Manager for Institutional Relations