Academic / Knowledge partners

Chicago Council on Global Affairs

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs is an independent, nonpartisan membership organization that provides insight – and influences the public discourse – on critical global issues. We convene leading global voices, conduct independent research, and engage the public to explore ideas that will shape our global future. The Council is committed to bringing clarity and offering solutions to issues that transcend borders and transform how people, business, and governments engage the world.

Chaire Entrepreneuriat Territoire Innovation

The Chaire Entrepreneuriat Territoire Innovation is a French think tank that has a partnership with Metropolis. While focusing on the relations and links between the economy, territory and society; the think thank addresses issues related to technological transfers, climate change and sustainable development, new urban lives like the smart city model, cultural and social issues or new business models and governance.


CIDOB is a Barcelona based think tank that dedicates itself to the study, research and analysis of international affairs. CIDOB works with a community of analysts that produces knowledge offered to all political actors -from individual citizens to international organisations–. Their mission is to generate and share information and ideas to formulate and promote policies for a more secure, free, and fair world for everyone.


Megacity Think Tank Alliance (MeTTA) is a think tank network based on an international alliance aiming to provide solutions to problems that a megacity faces and subsequently to improve the quality of life of its citizens. By building this international network, MeTTA plans to distribute to its member think tanks information on urban problems and solutions and to coordinate their problem-solving efforts.


The Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation is an award to good urban governance practices and innovation with public policies, projects, business models, etc. It is organized by the hosting city of Guangzhou (People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality) and sponsored by Metropolis and another partner of us, UCLG.


Casa Asia was created with the will to strengthen the knowledge and dialogue about Asia in Spain, with the analysis and discussion of civic, political, social, cultural, economic and environmental issues, supporting activities and projects that contribute to a better knowledge between Asian and Spanish societies, and to promote the development of relations among them.